Bellevue Art Museum
Turning Wood into Art: The Jane and Arthur Mason Collection: work by major North American and European wood turners. Through Apr 8. Islamic calligraphy by Mohamed Zakariya. Through Feb 18. William Morris: Native Species. Through Apr 29. 510 Bellevue Way NE, 425-519-0745.

Burke Museum
Vanished Kingdoms: The Wulsin Photographs of Tibet, China and Mongolia 1921-1925: hand-tinted lantern slides. Through Feb 4. NE 45th St and 17th Ave NE, 543-5590.

recommended Frye Art Museum
Klompen: Trimpin's coin-operated Dutch clogs dancing in air. Through Jan 21. I Love My Time, I Don't Like My Time: the Viennese artist Erwin Wurm explores the heart of sculpture through funny, serious, provocative, and self-effacing performance, video, photography, and drawing. Through Jan 28. Spectatorship and Desire: Love restores the paintings that curator Robin Held removed from the walls, set beside visitor comments made in their absence. Through Mar 4. "Demon seed or sweet innocent?" That's the question about the children in the historical folk art portraits of Little Women, Little Men. Through Feb 4. 704 Terry Ave, 622-9250.

recommended Henry Art Gallery
Floating Plaster/City Motion: the return (and expansion) of the terrific animated floor installation by Yuki Nakamura and Robert Campbell that premiered at 911 Media Arts in September. Through Dec 31. We Decided to Let Them Say "We Are Convinced" Twice. It Was More Convincing This Way: Raad's photographs of the 1982 siege of Beirut, taken when he was 15 and now reprinted from the degraded negatives, are certainly guilty of being distant and beautiful. Raad is making the radical proposition that these empty post-traumatic frames, with their winsome static, represent best the way the world really looks. Through Feb 11. Up to Date: Monsen Collects Contemporary: Selected photographs from the collection of Joseph and Elaine Monsen, including works by Nan Goldin, Katy Grannan, Justine Kurland, Laura Letinsky, Yasumasa Morimura, and Grant Mudford. Through Dec 31. neuroTransmitter: Beyond Territory: two multimedia installations by Valerie Tevere and Angel Nevarez exploring the history of pirate radio. Through Dec 31. The Biographical Landscape: the groundbreaking photography of Stephen Shore, 1968-1993. Through Dec 31. 15th Ave NE at NE 41st St, 543-2280.

Museum of Glass
Transparently Built: exploring the diverse architectural properties of glass. Through May 27. Fresh! Contemporary Takes on Nature and Allegory. Through Dec 31. 1801 Dock St, 253-284-4732.

Museum of History and Industry
Home for the Holidays: Norman Rockwell's original hand-drawn holiday covers for the Saturday Evening Post. Through Jan 15. 2700 24th Ave E, 324-1126.

Museum of Northwest Art
Entering Ether is five interrelated, site-specific installations by Lanny Bergner, interspersed with screen and wire studio works. Through Jan 7. 121 S First Street, 360-466-4446.

Nordic Heritage Museum
Tapestry on the Edge: 45 tapestries by Northwest artists juried by Rock Hushka, senior curator at Tacoma Art Museum. Through Jan 7. 3014 NW 67th Street, (206) 789-5707.

recommended Seattle Asian Art Museum
Iranian-born exile Shirin Neshat's Tooba is a 12-minute video installation of a woman on a dusty hill menaced by a band of men until she makes a sort of escape. Through Apr 8. Art deco sculpture from the collection, and drawings for a deco-designed space at the museum that didn't come to be. Through Jan 15. Discovering Buddhist Art, Seeking the Sublime. Ongoing. Vik Muniz: Reflex, a retrospective of the Brazilian-born artist who arranges sculptural mosaics made of unusual (often edible) materials, photographs them, and afterward destroys them. Through Jan 15. 1400 E Prospect St (Volunteer Park), 654-3100.

Tacoma Art Museum
Symphonic Poem: Sculpture and flatwork by Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson conjures the lives of Africans and African-Americans. Through Jan 28. The Art of Eric Carle: originals by the artist known for the children's book The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Through Jan 21. Trimpin's installation Conloninpurple: a five-octave, playable, room-sized instrument. Through Dec 31. Final week. 1701 Pacific Ave, 253-272-4258.

Vancouver Art Gallery
Kyohei Sakaguchi's installation Zero Yen House: the architecture of temporary dwellings. Through Jan 1. Emily Carr: New Perspectives on a Canadian Icon. Through Jan 7. Paint: a generation of it in BC. Through Feb 25. 750 Hornby St, 604-662-4719.

Whatcom Museum of History and Art
Building Tradition: Contemporary Northwest Art from the Tacoma Art Museum. Through Apr 29. 121 Prospect St, 360-676-6981.

Gallery Openings

Bluebottle Gallery
Fire Season: paintings by Paul Chatem. Jan 2-31. 415 E Pine St, 325-1592.

Caffe Ladro
Paintings by Erik Andrew. Jan 3-Feb 28. 2205 Queen Anne Ave N, 282-5313.

Caffe Ladro
Works by pop artist Lucas Vidana. Jan 3-Feb 28. 452 N 36th St.

Caffe Ladro
Portraitures by Joey Bates. Jan 3-Feb 28. 7011 California Ave SW.

Caffe Ladro
Abstract paintings by Jennifer Cepeda. Jan 3-Feb 28. 435 15th Ave E, 282-1549.

Caffe Ladro
Paintings by Laura Marks. Jan 3-Feb 28. 108 Union St., (206) 267-0600.

Crocodile Cafe
Paintings by Troy Gua. Jan 1-31. 2200 Second Ave, 441-5611.

The Great Nabob
Encaustic paintings by Jim Hodge. Jan 3-Feb 28. 819 Fifth Ave N, 281-9850.

Joe Bar
Creatures Great and Small: paintings by Ariel Lapidus. Jan 3-31. 810 E Roy St, 324-0407.

M. Rosetta Hunter Art Gallery
Home: Where We Came From, Where We Are Going: photography, art, words, and sound document the travels of several families and individuals as they return home to New Orleans. Jan 2-25. Seattle Central Community College, 1701 Broadway, #2BE2116, 344-4379.

Continuing Exhibitions

recommended 4 Culture
The History of Television, 1974-2006: Tivon Rice reduces television to form and light, and confronts the normally passive function of watching. Through Dec 29. 101 Prefontaine Place S.

911 Media Arts Center
Mass Mass Media: Caleb Larson's suite of projects interpret and transform headlines from Google news into visual, lexical, and physical phases. Headlines are then reconstructed using YouTube videos, forming a continuous video montage. Through Jan 10. Brett Walker recontextualizes popular films and television shows, while altering their proportions and symmetry. Jan 11-24. Through Jan 24. 402 Ninth Ave N, 682-6552.

Alibi Room
Refugees of Fundamentalism: paintings in a Renaissance fashion by John Berry. Through Dec 31. 85 Pike St, 625-9647 (office).

Arthead Gallery
Paintings by Brom Wikstrom. Through Jan 5. 5411 Meridian Ave N, 633-5544.

Art/Not Terminal Gallery
Surreal paintings by Rob Clarke, an artist who moonlights as a cremationist. Through Jan 4. 2045 Westlake Ave, 233-0680.

Winter Reflections: mixed media by Jacqui Beck and Regina Rubin Cody, encaustics by Carol Chellino and, monotypes by Lisa Snow Lady. In conjunction with the holiday show Voices of Christmas. Through Jan 6. 4711 California Ave SW, 938-0339.

Empty Space: a retrospective body of work exploring personal memories and experiences by Vietnamese artist Tu Duy. Through Dec 30. 512 First Ave S, 839-0377.

Belle and Wissell Studio Gallery
Beasts!: a big show of "monstrous" art by more than 90 artists in comics, illustration, skateboard graphics, rock posters, animation, children's books, and "fine" art. Through Feb 17. 6014 12th Avenue S, 206 322-7908.

Bizzarro Italian Cafe
White Dresses: vintage portraits by Karin Bolstad. Through Feb 28. 1307 N 46th St, 632-7277.

Bluebottle Gallery
New Works: robot drawings by R. Nicholas Kuszyk. Through Dec 30. 415 E Pine St, 325-1592.

Cafe Flora
Paintings by James Sutherland. Through Jan 2. 2901 E Madison St, 325-9100.

Caffe Fiore
Cabinet of Curiosities: by Dana Vallery. Through Dec 31. 224 W Galer St, 282-1441.

Caffe Ladro
Portraits by Joey Bates. Through Dec 31. 108 Union St., (206) 267-0600.

Caffe Ladro
Michele Leal's portraits of Guatemalan coffee farmers affiliated with Tony's Coffee Roasting Co. Through Dec 31. Acrylic works by Carmen Cano. Through Dec 31. 435 15th Ave E, 282-1549.

Caffe Ladro
Recent paintings by Natalie Oswald. Through Dec 31. 7011 California Ave SW.

Caffe Ladro
Aerial photography by Long Nguyen. Through Dec 31. 2205 Queen Anne Ave N, 282-5313.

Caffe Ladro
New paintings by Rachel Dory. Through Dec 31. 452 N 36th St.

Caffe Ladro
Photographs by Phil Petrocelli. Through Jan 31. 600 Queen Anne Ave N.

Caffe Vita
Recent work by Jim Hodge. Through Dec 31. 1005 East Pike, 709-4440.

recommended Center on Contemporary Art
The 2006 CoCA Annual: the sleeper hit of the moment. Through Dec 30. 410 Dexter Ave N, 728-1980.

Christoff Gallery
Hand painted photographs and presidential portraits by Andrew Miller. Through Dec 31. 6004 12th Ave S #17, 767-0280.

Columbia City Gallery
Adornments and Small Works and From the Furnace: jewelry and glass. Through Jan 14. 4864 Rainier Ave S, 760-9843.

Corridor Gallery
Second Annual TK Holiday Art Show and Sale: by residents of the Tashiro Kaplan artist lofts. Through Dec 30. 306 S Washington St, 856-7037.

recommended Critical Line
Artwork from the homeless patrons of Tacoma's only daytime drop-in shelter: Nativity House. Through Dec 30. 741 St Helens Ave, 253-444-2741.

Experience Music Project
"In its six years, EMP has been more of an overpriced tourist attraction than a home for the exchange of ideas about rock music, and rock is something we know Allen loves. How does he really feel about art, and what is his vision for showing it? This show doesn't answer those questions. Instead, it relies on celebrity. Even in rock, that only goes so far." (Graves) Through Jan 1. 2901 Broad St, 770-2700.

recommended Fancy+Pants
The pop stylings of Portland's Trish Grantham. Through Dec 31. 1914 Second Ave.

Fantagraphic Bookstore and Gallery
The inaugural exhibition for this new venue is 30 Years of Misfit Lit, featuring Bagge, Blanchard, Burns, Clowes, Crumb, Forney, Sacco, Ware, Woodring, and more. Through Jan 4. 1201 S. Vale Street, 658-0110.

Form/Space Atelier
Folk Populi: 40 Retablos by the Sons of Alfredo Vilchis Roque, 21 photographs of Mexican urban life by Sedora DeBondthe, and the Wall of The People/Will of the People: 131 paintings, drawings, photos and prints exhibited in the manner of Greg Lundgren's Hideout wall. Also, paintings by Michael Lane, Joey Masciostra and Jess Guidry, drawings by Julia Grforer, sculptures of guitars by Doug Keith, a paper-mache head that has a voice-activated element by Ben Smith, and maquettes of Mike Magrath's sculptures. Through Dec 31. 1907 Second Ave, 448-2302.

Frame Up Studios
Not So Stories: paintings by Beatrice Billard revisiting tales from Bluebeard and Little Red Riding Hood to Rudyard Kipling. Through Jan 2. 3515 Fremont Ave N, 547-4657.

Frank and Dunya
Annual Holiday Show: a "crazy craft extravaganza." Through Jan 1. 3418 Fremont Ave N, 547-6760.

Gallery 110
Brighter: a juried show of gallery artists' best work from 2006. Through Dec 30. 110 S Washington St, 624-9336.

Gallery at One Union Square
The architectural photography of Stephen L. Rosen. Through Feb 24. 600 University and 6th Ave.

Gallery at Shoreline
Colorful and Classic: paintings, photographs, and glass. Through Jan 3. 18560 1st Ave NE.

Gallery IMA
Annual Holiday Bazaar: painting and sculpture. Through Jan 1. 123 S Jackson St, 625-0055.

Garde Rail Gallery
New Ships, New Works: using found objects, John Taylor creates interpretive models of ships as well as depictions of Jonah, the whale, and Noah's ark. Through Jan 27. 110 Third Ave S, 621-1055.

Glasshouse Studio
Glasshouse Studio Holiday Display. Through Dec 31. 311 Occidental Ave South, 682-9939.

The Great Nabob
Wine-related paintings by Erik Andrew. Through Dec 31. 819 Fifth Ave N, 281-9850.

recommended Howard House
Never Always: the wood and photographic amazements of conceptual carver Dan Webb. Through Jan 13. 604 Second Ave, 256-6399.

Icebox Contemporary Art
In the Shadow of the Dome: Marc Dombrosky pieces together partial stories by anonymous authors. Through Jan 12. 301A Puyallup Ave, 856-7114.

Icon Coffee
Paintings by Nate Herth. Through Dec 31. 4301 Fremont Ave N, 632-3535.

recommended Joe Bar
Joe Bar has been a great place to see emerging work since 2004, largely because of independent curator Jess Van Nostrand. A book for $6 and a group show review her last 20 exhibits. Through Dec 31. 810 E Roy St, 324-0407.

Kobo at Higo
Kobo Jewels: Northwest jewelry artists. Through Dec 30. Still life photographs by Pulitzer Prize finalist Barry Wong. Through Dec 30. The Simple Cup 2006, with more than 300 cups by 45 North American and 16 Japanese artists. Through Dec 30. 604 S Jackson, 755-8900.

recommended Lawrimore Project
Are We There Yet?: four separate black viewing boxes showing video of car trips down I-5 with audio from one side of a conversation between two people meeting for the first time, by Sami Ben Larbi, plus prints based on the rides. Ben Beres's obsessive prints. And a video of 1,000 people for five seconds each by Erwin Wurm. Through Dec 30. 831 Airport Way S, 501-1231.

Linda Hodges Gallery
Oil-on-panel paintings inspired by postwar suburbia by Jennifer Beedon Snow. Through Dec 30. 316 First Ave S, 624-3034.

Lisa Harris Gallery
Joel Brock's new work explores architectural and still-life subjects through textured surfaces of acrylic, pastel, and charcoal. Through Dec 30. 1922 Pike Pl, 443-3315.

Aaron Murray's woodcut prints from his Rogue Valley series and ceramic sculptures inspired by old farms. Through Jan 5. 1930 Second Ave, 441-7131.

National Parks Conservation Association
Ice Age Floods: the story of the Ice Age floods through the work of local artists. Through Dec 31. 313A First Ave S, 903-1444.

Sincere Intentions: animal protagonists surrounded by graphite renderings of fleeting thoughts, memories and text, by Tra Selhtrow. Through Jan 14. 5107 Ballard Ave NW.

Patricia Cameron Gallery
Attitudes and Gestures: Lisa Pounders translates stories, memories, obsessions and fantasies into paintings. Charlotte Renata Simpson reinterprets women in paintings using clay. Through Jan 13. 234 Dexter Ave N, 343-9647.

Photographic Center Northwest
PCNW Juried Members Exhibition: photographs chosen by this year's juror, Scott Wallin. Through Jan 15. 900 12th Ave, 720-7222.

recommended Platform Gallery
King Wave: killer waves and cemeteries by Stephen Hilyard. Through Dec 30. 114 Third Ave S, 323-2808.

Print Zero Studios
A site specific mural & new prints by Abraham Mong & Zach Bohn. Through Jan 21. 323 N 105th St A-2, 363-2997.

Punch Gallery
Riddled: sculptural work by Howard Barlow. Through Dec 31. 119 Prefontaine Pl S.

recommended Roq La Rue
Soletta: paintings of apocalyptic scenes as viewed from the air, by Jean Pierre Roy. The Calling: paintings of anthropomorphic creatures caught in disturbing acts, by MaDora Frey. Through Feb 2. 2312 Second Ave, 374-8977.

recommended Seattle artREsource
Greg Kucera and Larry Yocom venture into affordable resales from local collectors, with works on sale ranging from Andy Warhol's Wayne Gretzky to Mandy Greer's rag-doll imagery. Ever-changing. Ongoing. 625 First Ave.

Seattle Municipal Tower Gallery
Prints from the city of Seattle's portable works collection. Through Dec 29. 700 Fifth Ave, 3rd Floor.

recommended Soil Art Gallery
Malfunction: Sentimental Ghost is Missing: Custom computer applications create randomly generated drawing, landscape, and character projections, with simultaneous accompanying soundscapes, by Jesse Paul Miller and Brent Watanabe. Through Dec 31. 112 Third Ave S, 264-8601.

Some Space Gallery
A collection of small works from a variety of local emerging artists including Chris Crites, Shannon Welles, Todd Karam, Travis Stanley, Thomas Wurst, Nate Stottrup, and Laurie Ransom. Through Dec 29. 625 1st Ave, 718-3104.

Suite 100 Gallery
Painted psychedelic playgrounds full of '60s references. Through Dec 31. 2222 Second Ave, ste 100.

Suite 400
re-Rendered: new work by Laura Ward. Through Mar 31. 1601 2nd Ave, 206 624-3854.

three by ten
Recent sculpture by artist/architect Chris Haddad. Through Mar 21. 2326 Second Ave.

recommended The Union Street Electric Gallery
White Vanishing: Light and Shadow: a 14-by-100-foot vinyl mesh mural representing an original porcelain sculpture by Yuki Nakamura. Through Apr 30. Union Street and Western Avenue.

WondeR.Land: seasonal paintings on wood, mirrors, ornaments, and switchplates by R. Land. Through Dec 31. 2018 First Ave, 441-3441.

Vetri International Glass
Glass Jewelry by James Minson and Renata Crowe. Through Dec 31. 1404 First Ave, 667-9608.

Wall Of Sound
Snow Show: a collection of snow creations including portraits and sculptures by Michael Ohlenroth. Through Jan 31. 315 E Pine St.

Wall Space
The Variety Show is photography by Aline Smithson, including an ode to Whistler's mother featuring the artist's mother. Through Jan 13. 600 First Ave #322, 330-9137.

Wessel & Lieberman Booksellers
An Exhibition of Wood Engravings, Prints & Limited Edition Books by Shinsuke Minegishi. Through Dec 30. 208 First Ave S, 682-3545.

William Traver Gallery
Friends: new work by glass artist Danny Perkins. Through Jan 28. 110 Union St. #200, 587-6501.

recommended Zeitgeist
New Work by Eugene Parnell: two large-scale works: a wall installation called Yield, and a free-standing, museum-scale diorama entitled Life In The Seas, Part I: The Cambrian. Through Jan 3. 171 S Jackson St, 583-0497.


Magic Lanterns and the Birth of Photography
Learn about the lantern slide technology in the Burke's exhibition Vanished Kingdoms: The Wulsin Photographs of Tibet, China, and Mongolia 1921-1925. 10am - 4pm. Burke Museum, NE 45th St and 17th Ave NE, 543-5590. Sat, Dec 30.

recommended The Nomadic Project
Artists Kristin Abraham and Alfonso Llamas decided they'd had enough of an America divided by war and politics. Living out of a car, they spent a week touring each state, and Abraham responded with a painting, which was then carried to the next state and displayed by a participating gallery. Through Dec 31, the project will be complete when one gallery from each state displays a single painting. The Kirsten Gallery, 5320 Roosevelt Way NE, 522-2011. Through Dec 31.