Lived a block from there for 5 years in the 90's. Not a nice place. Especially during the rioting.
Can't wait to flee!
I can't say that it's improved greatly @1, but the installation of the East Precinct satellite office in the old pharmacy seems to have, if nothing else, shifted at least some of the more blatant activity away from the intersection. Granted, it's probably just moved elsewhere, or, become more discreet, but it does seem to be a lot quieter around there since the most recent shooting at the cheesesteak shop back in '07.

I'm looking forward to this installation; it'll give people in the neighborhood an opportunity to get to know each other a little bit better, and that can only be for the good.
celebrating a violent gang with a song is the epitome of what's wrong. i love the hood, but the total neglect of what's happening everyday--girls getting pimped out, heroin being shot, snorted, and smoked--isn't going to go away with an art project, as welcome as it is.
It may be a powerful corner but this isn't a powerful video. You are pandering.
art fixes everything! even cancer
You have to be fucking kidding me...that's one traffic light I am willing to risk a ticket to run if it is red.
Oh, please @7. Everybody in Squire Park knows - if you're a timid caucasian who made a wrong turn and ended up in our neighborhood, 23rd & E Cherry is the intersection you really don't want to be caught at.

Just make sure not to careen into Tent City on your way back to Leschi.
@8 indeed! I used to live on Union & 25th and I was much MUCH more leery of 23rd/Cherry then 23rd/Union.

Then again, that whole area is pretty sketchy.There were three shootings in the house across the street from me in the two years I lived there.
Granted, I'm just a Beacon Hill Housewife who dabbles in electricity, but I work in that neighborhood every single day, and have never felt threatened or intimidated - and I'm something of a target, as people invariably think I'm there to shut off someone's power. (That is SO not me - I'm afraid of electricity, and I'm in totally the wrong union for that anyway)

You want a bad neighborhood? Move to one of the rust belt cites, darlings. 23rd and Cherry has nothing on north 16th and Lake in Omaha.
Yay!!! Thank you for art that is by and for the people who live in the community of which it is speaking!!! We need more of it!

Also, thank you for de-mystifying and undemonizing urban legends around living in populations who have been dominated by people of color.

I miss living in the CD (27th and Union) and think its funny how many folks find it intimidating. Like Catalina said, the area is not bad. Well, maybe more "intense" than 43rd and Wallingford, but that doesn't mean its a bad area by any means.
@12 & @10: I agree with both of you. It's actually a very livable neighborhood during the day and 99% of the nights. Rarely though, a strange vibe would come across the streets after dark, usually accompanied by lots of hooting & hollaring, much screeching of tires, and occasionally gunshots. But then it would be fine again for months on end.

I'm as whitebread as they come and I didn't feel intimidated or even out of place most of the time. I remember that area has a very friendly and community-oriented neighborhood. Indeed, I have a whole houseful of friends and aquaintenaces that live at 21st & Union and wouldn't think twice about visiting their neighborhood any time, day or night.
Hooray for art! I heart the CD. Kudos for doing this.
And the website was created by Seattle artist Anna Callahan!

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