I like the idea of it rising and rising in price, with each collector making money off its sale, until one person is left with a $100,000 unitasker box that they can't unload for love or money. Because it can't sell except at a profit, and it's getting quite a bit of attention right now, it's its own one-piece bubble sector. Is that part of the art? That somebody eventually gets stuck with it, regardless of whether they'd been hoping to sell it at a profit?
It's a great way to buy some ready-made cocktail party or art gallery chat. Just be careful and avoid sounding pompous. Here's a start: "Speaking of Ebay..."
Clever. I'm looking forward the article about the collector that really wasn't in the mood to wait in line at the post office and the legal gray area that is subsequently explored.
I don't think it's as much about nerds not "getting" contemporary art (in fact I'd argue they get it even better than most) as I think it is about Slashdot being largely populated by trolls in much the same way as the SLOG. This is highly unfortunate...
It's kinda clever, but "less retarded than something by Damien Hirst" is not exactly a compliment.

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