Last week on Slog I wrote about a big proposed Chihuly museum that would sit next to the Space Needle. Yesterday there was a press conference about it, and I'm going to write more about that later today. But first—lay your eyes on images of the proposal.

And here's my take in the paper this week.

Basically, I'm not convinced. Maybe I'm wrong in thinking I ought to be convinced—in holding the project close to the standards I'd hold a museum to. I want to be convinced by the art, and the artist—and he came to the press conference, but didn't take any public questions. I'm told I'll be able to interview him privately by phone. Maybe I'll get a better idea there of his responses to some of the questions that have come up about why he wants to do this here and now, and what he plans to do. Until then, I'm with Norie Sato: Where's the big artistic idea that makes this better than open green space? Because while some glass elements will be visible from the exterior, you have to pay to see pretty much all the glass (I spoke to the architect, who did take questions yesterday)—even the outdoor displays.

In any case, here are the pictures from the dog-and-pony show...

Oh, and it seems like a done deal, folks. At least that was my impression. Chihuly's parting words were, "It's gonna happen fast—I know that much." They'd like to see it open next spring (2011).


Chihuly and Space Needle CEO Ron Sevart
  • Chihuly and Space Needle CEO Ron Sevart