Scott Lawrimore sent out a long, impassioned letter this afternoon that was a not-so-veiled call to area collectors to buy. Included in it is the news that the gallery may need to move when its five-year lease is up in the next few months. Maybe it's necessary, but given the greatness of that space (designed by Lead Pencil Studio), in some ways it would inevitably be a damn crying shame.

I know of at least a few local collectors who haven't even set foot in Lawrimore Project, and I know of lots who don't make it down to the shows on anything like a regular basis. Are they going to other local galleries or skipping those, too? Judging from Greg Kucera Gallery's plea to collectors to "buy American" in the gallery's current show, I can only imagine Lawrimore is not alone—he's just running the most elaborate space.

It's a space well worth supporting. But you already know that. Hundreds of people show up to the openings. They just don't buy art.

Something's gotta give...