First, the parking: This month's Artwalk is the pilot for a project called "Parking for Peanuts" being put together by Pioneer Square Community Association and Merrill Place Garage at 76 S King St (off of First Avenue). Park there free—all you have to do is to show garage attendants either a proof of purchase from a Pioneer Square business or a business card from a gallery.

And the art?

Christopher Martin Hoff's plein-air paintings of Seattle spots in recessionary limbo—recognize this one?—at Linda Hodges Gallery.


Patti Warashina at Howard House.

Rapture (2010)
  • Rapture (2010)

Jonathan Wakuda Fischer at ArtXChange.

The Black Ships (A Blessing and A Curse)
  • The Black Ships (A Blessing and A Curse)

Giancarlo De Marchi at Vera Project.

Heart Work
  • Heart Work

Parskid at Flatcolor.


And last but CERTAINLY not least: Einar and Jamex de la Torre at Traver Gallery.

Metal Cutout
  • Metal Cutout