I've been trying to remember Fischer's name/website since I saw his work at a local teahouse last winter. Thanks for posting this, I need to check his show out.
The free parking is a great idea.
What are the blobs on the de la Torre piece?
Those paintings by Christopher Martin Hoff look awesome. I think I've seen him out painting on Pine before . . . maybe?
@4 I was wondering the same thing!
@4 and @5 - Yep, that was probably him. He's a plein air painter and lots of the current show was painted on the hill.
The reception for Giancarlo, Tom and Dave at the Vera Project is FRIDAY at 5 - 7 followed by a 7:30 show with Title Tracks (feat. members of Q and Not U), w/ Blunt Mechanic and Police Teeth. It's also highlighting the new mural program redone by Solace and 179.

That's a hat-trick people.
The blobs are clear glass in the shapes of Aztec masks.

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