Just another step in the decline of a bankrupt thirdworld shithole Welfare State...

the good news is we don't need bloated pretentious irrelevant art museums where we're going-

btw, girls-

Dan's epic book of the same name is available, used, from Amazon for $0.01 (plus tax).

But hurry, they only have 79 used copies....

Key Phrases: include 'legalizing pot' (we don't know about you but that SHOCKS us...) and 'moral sewer' (gosh, we didn't realize it was autobiographical)

Caveat emptor-most used copies have sticky yellowish green stains and smell a little funky, according to Amazon.
Museums are typically run by people who don't understand how to craft or adhere to a real-world business plan. They are typically run by collection/subject matter experts (SAM's director is an art historian). The result is bad for the staff, bad for the members and visitors, and bad for the collections. SAM's current predicament was cemented by poor leadership years ago. Leadership that was full of vision and beneficence, but shamefully lacking in business expertise. Sad.
We have an art museum?

I thought we sold it for some dumb sculpture park?

(yes, I used to be Patron level)

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