Super gorgeous. They ought to be, for the billions of dollars they cost. A hundred yards away, shantytown. And FIFA is barring the traditional local vendors with their food carts; only official super-priced corporate food and drink will be available.
Wait until you see how we do up the seats for the World Cup here in Seattle - the Husky Stadium seats are going to rock out, with reflective Win10 strobe backs that interact with the occupant and the game boards ... good thing we'll have light rail between all the stadiums by then and every UW student or alumni will have free Win10 on their Windows or Mac ($15 per seat).

(sources: many)

Hope they ditch the puke yellow versions by then.
@2, they can't play World Cup matches at Husky Stadium because the field is crowned. It's raised in the center. Dipshit.

And what the fuck are you talking about, "puke yellow"? Are you talking about the Sounders's new kits? You are familiar with the difference between national and club sides, aren't you? Oh, wait, no -- you're Will in Seattle, you're not familiar with anything. You're a worthless heap of crap human being, Will.
@3 I thought he was referring to puke yellow seats. But I don't remember what color the seats are at Husky Stadium so I don't know.
To anyone who says "I miss the Kingdome," let these photos be exhibits 1 thru 13 in proving your insanity.
Thanks, all for writing "stadiums." Refreshing!
They look awesome. Sad about the corporate vendor only crap that prohibits local vendors within stadium grounds.

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