I reported last week that Seattle Art Museum is having money problems. It's a good time to show your support by visiting the museum—and it's a good time to visit. The Warhol exhibition on the fourth floor is an unexpected gem.

And one of its features is a long procession of darkened rooms with giant films playing on the walls, films of faces, just looking at the camera, silently. One of these faces is Dennis Hopper.

Warhol called these "Screen Tests." They have an elegiac quality in part because they're played back slightly more slowly than they were filmed, and because they are silent. Warhol simply told his sitters to look at the camera. The variety of what happened when they did is stunning.

Here's a YouTube clip of a Hopper screen test, with a soundtrack by Dean and Britta. The soundtrack's fine, but (oddly) if you want the full effect of the film, mute it.