On Friday, if you can sneak out for an early lunch hour, Seattle University art historian Ken Allen's talk will be worth the time: Warhol in Los Angeles: Art and Celebrity Circa 1963 focuses on when Warhol took some New York friends to the Ferus Gallery back in the day. (Ferus was the first place the Campbell's Soup cans were ever exhibited.) Price is $7, at Seattle Art Museum, 11 am-12 pm.

Sylvia OStayformore will be at Remix.
  • Sylvia O'Stayformore will be at Remix.
Then, Friday night is SAM Remix, that quarterly blender drink of art/tours/booze/dancing/performances/singles at the museum, this time featuring screenings of rare Warhol TV shows (9 and 11 pm); performances by Sylvia O'Stayformore with special guests OtterPop, "an exhibitionist aquatic mammal," and Eva Androgyny, Seattle's premiere androgynous drag queen; an artist talk and book signing with Roy McMakin (9 pm), tours of the art including one by Seth Aaron Henderson of Project Runway (every 15 minutes from 8:30 to 11 pm); DJ Riz spinning; Sean Nelson performing live in the galleries; playlists overhead in select rooms by Kevin Cole of KEXP; Warhol Factory T-shirt silkscreening; and a Make-Your-Own-Stranger-Cover spot. The first 100 people wearing wigs get in free. Otherwise, admission is $10 and hours are 8 pm to midnight.

Saturday night is NEPO 3, a giant house party exhibition at the artastic Beacon Hill home of Klara Glosova. This is much more than just an art opening or a house party; it's truly both, and a little bit festival, too. This third installment, subtitled Air, Water, Fire (we will leave the Earth behind) has a packed schedule, featuring art and performances including a cell phone launch to outer space, a child's bedroom transformed into a drone chamber, a Skype performance, and fire juggling. Admission is free and the address is 1723 S Lander St. 6 pm-midnight.

Friday and Saturday from noon to 6 pm at Western Bridge (admission is free) is the first of only two weekends featuring Jennifer West's Flash Mountain Returns Film in 2010 - the Bright Side of the Recession:

Somewhere in there a flasher is doing her thing.
  • Somewhere in there a flasher is doing her thing.
...a new video made of source imagery taken by Disney's automated camera on board the ride Splash Mountain. So many people flashed the cameras over the years that Disney used to employ operators to delete images of the flasher's before the ride's exit, but West read in the newspaper recently that Disney, in the recession, could no longer afford those operators. So she and a few friends created a new, recessionary portrait of rule-breaking glee at Disney.