My partners and I just moved into this building. It's a wonderful space. I encourage other artists to check it out.
I walk by that building every day, and have been wondering about what would come of it. It looks like it has excellent high ceilings, and would make a great little office space.
At the risk of indelicacy: upon reading this article, I asked myself why this building would be on the National Register of Historic Places? To my eye, it is a handsome structure, but is it truly worthy of being called out for special designation?

No doubt it's beloved by its owners and occupants, but I've mourned the destruction of so many buildings possessing greater design and/or historic makes me wish these designations were harder to come by, and really had teeth when it came down to defying the wrecking ball.

All that said, I'd be delighted to hear from the owners/occupants about why this is a special building, so unlike others and so worthy of preservation while buildings by Mies van der Rohe, Frank Lloyd Wright, César Pelli and others hang in the balance...
I'd like to see it knocked down in recognition of the untold misery so many men women and chilldren have expierienced within those four walls.
I hear the plans to use this as a place to warehouse people who give aid and comfort to tea baggers have been put on hold for a while.

Face it, when we built these things here, nobody was thinking they'd be around next century. We all thought we'd be eating food pills, flying in hovercars, riding the monorail, and living in space pods.
Isn't one of the goals of historic preservation to preserve the stories contained within buildings, even those stories of misery, injustice, discrimination, et al so that they can serve as reminders and cautionary tales for the community? I hope that would be a part of the plan for this place.
This building building was the last stop for Japanese Americans before the internment camps in the 1940s. Will that be part of "telling the story of immigration in Seattle?"
Really? Now that would be interesting to know, @7.
Hasn't anyone told those people that's the new Google Detention Center?
How does an artist get in there and how long will it be studio space?

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