That's cute that he wants to make ~art~ but it's really bad.

Here are pictures from inside, Jen

Hey James Franco, ima let you finish but....

It takes a special kind of churl to wish he'd stop.
lol...he was on 30 Rock last night...
He is a win.
I totally have a crush on Franco. And I love it that he's trying to make art, even if it's crap.

Go James!!

* drool *
I know! It's practically unthinkable that someone who acts might have other artistic motivations!

I like James Franco. I like him more now that he's stretching his creative muscles than when he was just another pretty boy.
James Franco attended the California State Summer School of the Arts, a very competitive and rigorous arts program in souther CA. The top artists from throughout the country and even from Europe come there to train young musicians, dancers, actors, artists, filmmakers, writers and animators. The founders of Pixar came out of the same school. James Franco was a visual artist before the cameras found him.

Please wait...

and remember to be decent to everyone
all of the time.

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