As Bethany Jean Clement has said, "I didn't think such things happened in Canada!"

November 29, 2010. Vancouver car thieves have stolen a scale replica of a Volkswagon Beetle that is the centerpiece of an outdoor sculpture by internationally acclaimed contemporary artist Sudarshan Shetty.

The sculpture is part of the Vancouver Biennale public art exhibition, and the organization is seeking public support in catching the thieves. Enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of Vancouverites and visitors to the city, the installation is Shetty's North American debut and is valued at $250,000 CAD at auction.

Barrie Mowatt, President of the Vancouver Biennale, pointed out the irony in thieves steeling a car without an engine. If they're art enthusiasts, they've destroyed a work of public art that was meant for the entire community to enjoy. The one stolen car has no resale value. "The return of this vehicle would be a great service to the Vancouver community, the art world and our foundation."

Anyone with information can contact the Vancouver Biennale at 604-682-1289 or or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or