Office Iole is about to hand out a citation for improper Picassoing.
  • Office Iole is about to hand out a citation for improper Picassoing.
SOIL's Vs. the Matador is hilarious. You have to go. It's a parody of the Picasso show at SAM, complete with a thick orange line painted on the floor that directs your movement through the gallery (yes, there really is one at SAM, and yes, Picasso painted it himself), a coat check, an audio tour, a surveillance feed, a "kids' area," photos of Seattle artists dressed up like Picasso on the wall, gift shop areas all all over the place packed with artist-made stuff, and, last night, artist Iole Alessandrini dressed up as a (hot) Picasso-traffic cop. Holiday shopping for SURE. Who would not want to own one of Nicholas Nyland's stanchion sculptures? Or Shaun Kardinal's embroidered antique postcards? Or Jana Brevick's Santo Picasso gold tooth-crown relic? Or a Picasso onesie??? Seriously. Do it. (That includes you, SAM director Derrick Cartwright!)

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Genius Wynne.
  • Genius Wynne.
Another highlight for me was Wynne Greenwood's show of two strap-on TVs on the floor at Lawrimore Project—and that brings me to the central conflict of this weekend: The wonderful Cat Clifford is back for a visit and presenting a new video and drawings, plus will facilitate a movement workshop based on Yvonne Rainer's celebrated minimalist dance piece Trio A! This will happen at Hedreen Gallery at Seattle U from 12 to 2:30, and I'm so excited about it. Rainier is a feminist icon, and her works are rarely re-performed; almost never in Seattle. And I can't wait to see Clifford's new work. But at the same time, Greenwood will be semi-performing in her own installation at Lawrimore Project; at 1 pm she will conduct an interview with an artist friend. The good news is you can't go wrong.