I loved this. The Steves were great and all, but seeing Stella, Shepard, and Serrano all on one stage was awesome. And yes, I would buy that painting now.
weird. just weird. celebrities. i guess im wondering what was the point
On the surface, this is comedy. Beneath the surface, not so much. When you have high-quality name-brand manufacturers of art, Stella, Shepard, and Serrano take a hackneyed image and either declare it art, or add to it, the consumer of art has no reasonable alternative but to obey.
Shepard Fairey = not an artist. A graphic designer, maybe (if autotracing better graphic designers than you is design). Him onstage with Stella made me barf.
Oh come on, snobs. You have to admit that getting all those guys together was pretty cool, and amazing PR for art.

Art and the art world has not gotten so much attention and been part of the public conversation in ages. I think this is wonderful.
Slog has certainly been heaping a lot of praise on Colbert lately... which is awesome because he deserves it.

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