hi jen,
in case you're writing about museums, like the one advertising itself as one for smells, i was wondering if you can answer this question. what is the name of the smell at the Frye Art Museum?

I've been there occasionally and find a consistent odor. It reminds me of one of the Smithsonian art museums in DC. And yet, the front desk people at Frye don't know.

If you can find out, that will be greatly appreciated. -j.

Rebecca Garrity-Putnam is a spokeswoman for the Frye.

We do not enhance the air in any way, other than utilize an HVAC system that regulates temperature and humidity throughout the building, galleries, and art storage areas, ensuring the safety of the art at all times.

...I’ve heard that smell is the most powerful of the senses, able to conjure deep memories and profound feelings. Could this be the smell of historical works being viewed by contemporary audiences? Of art from the past and the present blending together? Of timelessness, creativity, and artistic exploration?

— Rebecca

I have never smelled the Frye, but perhaps you have.