From the wilds of the I, Anonymous forum:

I'll Get You My Pretty....

That was the name of the piece of art you stole from my show at Solo on Queen Anne.

I can imagine that you were drunk, and thinking to yourself, "Wouldn't that be hilarious to steal that piece right off the wall, right in front of everyone?". Wow, what an accomplishment. I can also imagine you waking up the next morning with a wicked hangover, looking over and seeing my art and thinking, "What an idiot, I stole art."

Now what are you going to do with it? Hang it on your wall? Probably not. When your friends ask where you got it are you going to lie and say that you bought it? It will most likely end up in a closet or a dumpster because of your shame.

What you could do is quietly bring it back to where you found it, wrapped up maybe and addressed to the owner of Solo. Or send it back, I don't care. The worst part is that it wasn't mine anymore, someone bought it.

If you have any conscience left you'll put it back where it belongs, on the wall of someone who wanted it and there it will hang, with no shame.