Visual Art Mar 16, 2011 at 4:00 am

When the Bath Turns Red


Not who I was referring to, Jen, since I neither know of her nor have seen this show or work. By your words though it's impossible to determine merit as usual, since you have neither objectivity or distance, I'll just say angst alone does not a great artist make, but who knows?(definitely not you though). She deserves fair consideration, but your case for greatness is not looking so strong.
As for the "pack" it refers to that overrated group the likes of Cowie, Bent, Bennett, Albert, Ziegler, and so on...ah, got it now? I rest my case.
Just stop with trying to be a "career maker" and step back and report well for once, egomaniac that you are...enough! Your self-perceived notions of power and position are laughable and ridiculous. FYI, your weekly "anointing" of your chosen few is a road that ends 'nowhere', so get over yourself.
We know who you are artisforangels. With each post you ate securing your place (or lack thereof) within the community.
can't wait to see this show.
@1, If you are so unhappy with Jen's coverage of art in Seattle, why don't you write the articles YOU would want to see? Quit the constant nagging and show us where Jen is wrong, rather than repetitively saying she is wrong.
@1: What does "self-perceived notions" mean?
Thanks for this heads up on a new artist in town and a venue I am not familiar with.
Susan Platt aka Art and Politics Now
@2 Who?
@1: You are perhaps the most profoundly stupid person ever to troll under this particular bridge. Know that if you mess with our lady (who makes art in Seattle more interesting just by laying her fine mind over it) a million bright angels of death will wrestle you back into the gynophobic mud from whence you came.
artis for angels, please stop peeing in the fishbowl.


i dug up your grandmother and fucked her dead skeleton, love satan.

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