Phenomenal. I would love to visit this house.
Wow. I hope the show somehow makes it's way to Toronto. This is so fascinating and inspiring.
This article implys that Bruce Goff Studied under Frank Lloyd Wright. This is not the case.
He was a contemporary of Wright, but never a student. Several people who studied under Wright also spent time studying under Bruce Goff.
The Article says Bruce Goff was a student of Wright. He was a contempory, but never a student of Frank Lloyd Wright. He had several Students of Wrights study with him over the years as well as Wright had several students of Goffs study with him. Want to Learn more about Bruce Goff: See "Friends of Kebyar" Web Site
I have had the great fortune of not only seeing the house but knowing and being a student of the current owner Sidney Robinson. What a treat on both counts. The house is amazing and Sid is a gift to architecture education and the students he connects with. I look forward to hearing more about Leo's work as inspired by the house (and I dare say by Sid as well). Jeffrey Morgan
I took several art courses at Aurora College under Ruth VanSickle Ford, A.W.S.. We spoke about "The Round House. several times in class" The upper balcony rotated so that she could get the best seasonal light when she was painting. Interesting, however, that she didn't stay in the house. The Fords sold it and she and her husband moved to a very small house a little further northeast in Aurora.
After Ruth Ford, one Round House owner was named Boyle. Mrs. Boyle told me it was very difficult to place furniture in the house because there weren't very many square corners. While in high school, I was invited there for several parties. It struck me that the house seemed drafty. The huge rope swing was beautiful, though.

It is definitely a landmark.
ha! that house did the same to me!!
i lived in the house on lake street where ruth ford lived before she built this house. i was never in it until a few years ago, but stories about ruth and that crazy house let me know that everyone wasn't normal. and all women weren't housewives. it was such a relief.
there are many stories about ruth, many not very flattering. but i suspect we would have gotten on just fine. but then, i have a tattoo that says-you say i'm a bitch like it's bad thing.
glory to the weirdos.

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