One of many choices of angles to see it by.
  • One of many choices of angles to see it by.
Jenny Heishman, the artist: It's a wall-mounted stack, supported by a shelf bracket. Each element has its own color. A bright orange strip of Plexiglas juts furthest out into the room. Its heaviest member is grey and white, a bit blobby, with a cratered texture on top. The plum plane intersects the grey and white. Topped by a yellow triangle, in 3-D.
JG: Is it a stable form?
JH: If you are aware of your position in relationship to it, yes.
JG: Does it want you to get your position right?
JH: It has a position for you for when you'd like everything to line up, pretty as a picture, but that's only one of many choices.

The object, with feet.
  • The object, with feet.
Its backside.
  • Its backside.
JG: Is it in control of all the choices? Could it be surprised?
JH: It's pretty steady. Amused when its underside is viewed, though.
JG: It sounds light-hearted in nature.
JH: Yeah, doesn't take itself too seriously.
JG: Does it belong anywhere?
JH: On a wall!
JG: Does it have its own history?
JH: Its personal history is in the stack. Its greater history is geometric painting; it came from a long line of them.
JG: Does it have habits? Good or bad habits.
JH: It winks at everyone...not much discretion there.
JG: Is it difficult to get to know?
JH: Nope. Guess that goes along with all the winking. It might seem difficult at first, but with a bit of time, all about how it revealed.
It, with a picture of its best side.
  • It, with a picture of its best side.
JG: It likes to be looked at, right? Does it like to be photographed?
JH: Yes. Sometimes it travels with a picture of its best side!
JG: I see that! So it is vain!
JH: Well, it prefers self-reflective.
JG: When it’s being looked at, it’s most complete.
JH: I would say...when it is being looked at, it is most alive.
JG: Do you think it has any anxieties at all?
JH: No
JG: Does it feel left out that so many other things do? Ha! Does it have fears? (I'm picturing it driving a golf cart in Florida.)
Its gray.
  • Its gray.
JH: It's just that it already has a presentation, a behind the scenes, a top, a bottom, front, back, a bracket, a wall...having all these angles really cuts down on anxiety.
Funny...a golf cart.
JG: Can you picture that?
JH: It does have wrinkles.
JG: And gray.
JH: And a cigar of sorts.
JG: Does it have any questions of its own?
JH: Is that your poker face?

*Inspired by an "interrogation" of two "Neuroforms" in the magazine Art Lies. And no, these are not exactly 20 questions.