Shut up, Meg!
Thanks for writing about this. These events zoom by my head so often.
OMG! I do the same thing! I push ALL my treasures from the Goodwill into my bathroom/kitchen and hang my friends computer altered, found junk, appropriated image, collaged, poetry oriented, video based, sound technology presented, prostethic tongued, satanic,voodoo doll art up and have a fab art opening. Then the cool girl from the Stranger comes over and parties like she's our age(but way not) then writes about us. So Cool!
Nice write up. Congratulations Sierra!


Haterz gonna haaaaate...
It's too bad Sierra is not a kind person at all. Mckenzie and Linsday are sweet girls though.
it's always nice that people say such kind things in these comments.
Wow, sierra's one of the kindest most generous people in Seattle and is getting recognition as such... Sounds like Boy is projecting some jealousy her way. All of these girls are amazing, that's why they do what they do TOGETHER. Asshole.

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