Visual Art Jul 27, 2011 at 4:00 am

Exchanging Words with the New Head of Modern and Contemporary at SAM


Well, at least we know she didn't take the gig in order to marry a member of the Gates family.
I am beyond thrilled with SAM's new hire. Catharina Manchanda is one of the most kind and capable people i've ever met. It was about time for some good news.
Catharina's hiring is very exiting news. Mr. Darling did his job well, but she seems far more knowledgable & charismatic.

I think the modernism collectors (mod squad!) will be happy too - curators that do a lot of thinking about contemporary art can usually make modernism sparkle in surprising ways. Plus, she was raised by Kandinsky...
Were you ever an artist?

"No, I never dabbled as an artist, although there was a time when I was considering a career as an artist."

that, is a bizarre statement
What’s the art that got you into this in the first place?

"It’s rather hard to pinpoint."
and then:
"My biggest mantra is going to be diverse programming."

Seriously, I want to be excited, but I find myself wishing she were more German and less wishy washy.
Oh, no, another bureaucrat: washed in the bath waters of university based art and curating.Her statement about Ai WeiWei is asinine: "and I just hope that…well, I can’t say anything about the situation because none of us is really privy to what is truly going on." Is she kidding? Bad sign....
I'm still baffled why SAM is still trying to mimic the focus (and the collections) of modern/contemporary institutions in the metropole that possess infinitely larger resources. Who needs another Rauschenberg castaway? I would be psyched if SAM focused on developing a comprehensive regional collection, featuring in-depth exhibitions (historic and contemporary) of Native and non-Native artists. Let New York and L.A. do what they do. There is an amazing wealth of work that should be exhibited (both historic and contemporary) that is geographically and culturally relevant to this particular place.

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