Amanda Manitach, Pelvic Ruffle, graphite on paper, 2011
  • Amanda Manitach, Pelvic Ruffle, graphite on paper, 2011
Seattle artist Sharon Arnold has started a little thing she calls LXWXH (length by width by height): It's like a limited-edition magazine, but 3D—it's a box of art and writing.

All the artists and all the writers are local. (Arnold says she was inspired by models of sustainable agriculture.) The boxes are just plain beautiful. And they're affordable: $130 per.

Each limited-edition box contains two artworks and an essay, and not every box within an edition is the same. Susanna Bluhm, for instance, created different paintings for each box she contributed to. The current installment features Amanda Manitach, Derrick Jefferies, and D.W. Burnam. (Manitach and Jefferies just showed at SOIL; Burnam has organized Come to Now, a three-man show at the former Howard House space, opening tomorrow night during art walk. Have you ever really spent any time with a Manitach? You will want—no, need—to take it home and sit with it intimately, watching it unfold over days and weeks and months. It's like that.)

Consider it when you're considering buying local. It's not just about produce.