What it is: The Border, the Ship; single-channel video, nine minutes, 2011, by Alex Hubbard

Where it is: Lawrimore Project

What if a video were layered and deep, like a room, but a room with gravity on all four sides, not just the bottom? In The Border, the Ship, what you see looks like a single room in which the impossible is happening, calmly but busily. In one area of the frame, the artist reaches in and strings up a pulley that lowers a pile of fake bones into a bucket of blue paint—but the bucket is sideways, as if it were mounted on a wall. At the same time, a mouse scurries across a floor that appears to be in another perspective. A large eye peeks out from behind a misty explosion of orange spray paint in the frame's upper corner. The scenes were all shot separately, then edited together into this seamless, deep surface (deep surface: a cubist idea—this video is about painting). What you notice is that your brain can contain all of these gravities at once. You are actually good at this already. This video is not the alien—normal video is. recommended