The glorious Seattle performer Mike Pham during NEPOs 5K Dont Run on Saturday.
  • By Dan Bennett
  • The glorious Seattle performer Mike Pham during NEPO's 5K Don't Run on Saturday.
People loved themselves some NEPO 5K on Saturday; I saved up my energy for the nighttime party, and by the time I got there, it was so packed that we couldn't actually use the bathroom to do the intended interviews-from-the-bathtub thing because the bathroom needed to be, you know, used as a bathroom for all the post-non-runners. (We'll be doing the bathtub interviews during a winter NEPO party instead.) Next to the tub on the floor were underwear, all pretzelly, having been just taken off. Not! They were ceramic art by NEPO-head Klara Glosova.

The Beacon Hill house party felt more like a carnival than a NEPO House art event (with the exceptions of a jawdroppingly gorgeous, large pencil drawing by Amanda Manitach and drawings of blanketed lumps by Joey Veltkamp), making me wish I'd skipped the night party and seen the 5K instead. Dan Bennett has a Flickr set spanning the whole day.