After gouging out a nice piece of planet earth, and; building the world's largest internal combustion machine to move it, burning 20+ gallons per hour for a week to ten days; causing backups of idling cars along an 85-mile freeway; accompanied by 30-some other trucks and support vehicles....

I'm sure that these art (a'hem) patrons will offer us their political treatise on the excesses of capitalist man, and global warming.

Where are allegedly progressive media on revealing the excesses of this organization:…

If the military was moving the rock you'd be calling for an "Occupy the Quarry" hipster jamboree.

How is it that these arts organizations get a hall pass from the lefty arts community, when their actions towards the environment are inarguably parallel to even their worst fantasies of about "republicans" (quotes added for emphasis.)?

Sounds like a giant waste of money, resources, and other people's time.
This is an awesome and historical project and even if one can understand that the amount is crazy for a rock, it is actually not because it isn't a rock but an art piece, and a major one! (a gift from the landartist by bringing us an artform to be experienced like Double Negative, but in the heart of the city). And these 10 millions are just a drop in the bucket because this master piece of Heizer, like all others ones, is built for a very long-term period.
Feel free to read the press release about our "transatlantic action" between M. Heizer and R. Perray…
OBSART | Observatoire du Land Art

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