So it's a sitcom?
I'm just going to step out for a minute and do a little performance art in the john. I'll be right back. Feel free to come and watch, though you might want to stand back -- there could be splashing.
Oh my god, she just invented reality TV!
Yeah, hasn't she seen "The Truman Show" already?
@3, "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant!" has been doing reenactments for four years on TLC. This is LIVE! Not gross at all. Uh.
Who wants to watch childbirth? Now child conception....maybe.
There's a word for people like this woman; attention whore.

I feel bad for the kid.
But would it be art if she were to spike the baby like a football after birthing it? Because I would pay to see that show.
Fuck this woman. Figuratively, that is. No one should literally fuck this woman ever, ever again.
(Speaking of which, what does the father have to say about all of this?)
project runaway
seems pretty much in line with all those walking performances etc. etc. (that have been vaunted by Ms. Graves) except that here there's another life involved that's thoroughly unable to offer consensus... which, at least on first glance, takes the the abuse of "recontextualizing" and-calling-it-art-game to a whole new level.

but then again what birth is ever consensual in the first place?
(nobody asked me... how about you?)

so maybe it's not even all that different... just one more old fashioned stab at "recontextualizing" no more or less interesting than McDonalds dollar menu (I'm hungry!)
Authentic personal experience is in some ways the only life preserver left for those drowning in an ocean of unreal, unsatisfying hyper-reality. Kotak sees her live birth performance art as an acknowledgment that this life does indeed have real meaning and value. Human life portrayed as a work of art is the highest form of art conceivable. I don't think it would be a great thing to watch for the Live birth performance art coming to New…. With an audience of people you choose and want to be there, I'm sure it's a thing of beauty. In spite of the pain and everything else.
U am the grandmother to be of Baby X. My son, Jason Robert Bell is Marni's husband and also an artist. They both have Masters of Art degrees. Maybe you do not understand or agree with what they are doing but for them an art gallery is sacred space. A birthing room has been set up within the gallery and a midwife, a douls and Jason will be attending. Anyone there for the event has been carefully screened. Unless you understand the full story it is easy to make crass and ignorant judgments. If you do not understand this or approve then you need not concern yourself with it. This is a loving couple starting their family -- the only thing that anyone should want is a safe birth and a healthy baby.

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