Visual Art Oct 13, 2011 at 10:01 am


Jesus. You can't at least put the picture up straight? Plus, it's hilarious!
Boo City Market! I'd say that Ashton is the old stringy piece of meat! Bleh!
I love that so much! If I were in the neighborhood I would go get some jo-jos or whatnot to reward them. In the meantime, one internet upwards-finger-waggle from me.
Aren't these supposed to be offensive?
Were you cool with the Amanda Knox one? A lot of these seem to be offensive.
They'll survive.
wow, jen. did you freak out about that fat comment written on a receipt last weekend as well?
Everybody always laughs at things, until they hit too close to home.
Hahaha. Ashton and Demi are both old, stringy meat. Shitty Market is an equal opportunity offender, and I for one love their fried chicken. And Josh. He's great.
Seems more ageist than misogynist...
relax and grow a sense of humor. jesus.
Oh, come on. That's not even the most offensive City Market sign they've done. You don't have to find it funny, but it's hardly remarkable.
don't give a damn
Plus Ashton Kutcher looks sort of Native American in that drawing. Must be racist.
And then there is the joke someone played at the office from a Charlie Sheen roast: (from memory and not accurate) What Charlie Sheen and Bruce Willis have in common is that they were both big in the 80s and Ashton Kutcher is now filling their old slot.

Straining for misogynistic meaning much?
City Market tends to play off of current events and seeing how Ashton has been cavorting with young ladies and the like it seems apropos. If you're going to be mad at a misogynist, be mad at Kutcher.
Oversensitive much?
I find it high-larious AND offensive: ain’t 2½ bad…
Maybe you should move to Portland
There are a million reasons to loathe Ashton Kutcher that don't require cougar jokes, but yeah, this is one in a long string of calculated-offensive City Market placards. No worse than the rest!
If you're going to be OK with offensive humor then you still have to be OK with it when it offends you.
Isn't it sexist to imply that men can't have old stringy meat as well?
So, does this mean Jen's stringy old meat? Because if not, I can't figure out why she'd be offended.
@ 10, it's more sexist because you're not likely to see jokes about men becoming unappealing as they age - say, if Soon-Yi Previn ever wises up and dumps Woody Allen, they wouldn't make this joke. (Never mind that Soon-Yi and Woody are probably too far off the pop culture map for any marriage troubles to make big headlines.)

As Pat Schroeder once observed regarding attitudes about people growing old, "Men age, but women rot."
I stopped shopping at City Market because they don't sell anything remotely edible.
@3, this upward-finger-waggling is really starting to catch on!

PS - Joke is funny. Get over it.
the ashton kutcher drawing looks exactly like the amanda knox drawing, except with facial hair.
Don't ever change, City Market
Really Jen,
Shouldn’t you be laying off the fried chicken anyway?
Why not just super glue a stick of butter to your ass instead?
No, no, Jen, it's cool to say things that make yourself IRREVERENT, not IRRELEVANT.
Hair diaper!
long live Jackie Templeton.
If I was in charge of their signs the next one would say "Our fish is fresh and delicious! Jen Graves is an up tight asshole!"

Jesus christ. Pull the stick out of your ass.
I love when the SLOG turns into outpouring of stranger writers' mood swings. This sign is just not offensive enough to even comment on, so whats really bothering you Jen?
Cuz I like Jen, I'm just going to assume that -- as the notable Stranger Art Critic -- he boycott is because of the horrible, horrible drawn likeness of Mr Kutcher on display there, rather than because she lacks any sense of humor a'tall!

Is Ashton Kutcher the backup QB for the Seahawks?

oh jesus christ its a fucking joke
i prefer old stringy meat and this is fucking great. get that stick out of your butt
Jen Graves: The kind of person who walks out of comedy shows because someone makes a joke about old people.

@22 what about Ashotn Kutcher is misogynist, you whiny old cunt?
Is this the first City Market sign you have ever seen? Because it's pretty much what they do.

Would you be offended if it was a Catherine Zeta-Jones/Michael Douglass joke? I'm guessing no.
Change Ashton to Madonna, and Demi to Guy ritchie and it still works. It's ageist, not misogynistic. Also, topical and funny.
Jen's posts are becoming more and more Mudede-esque. When nobody cares about the stuff she writes about her actual field, she trolls for hits by manufacturing controversy over race or gender.

Way to go, Jen. Maybe you'll make the "most commented" column with this one.

Here's a challenge- try to do that with a post about art.
Ah, yes: It's about me. It's not about the culture turning women into irrelevant (speaking of) dried-up pieces of meat as they age. Thanks for the reminder!

Also, funny shit is funny. Not-funny shit is not-funny. I walk out of not-funny comedy shows, yup.

And yup, I love when their signs skewer the fucked-up power system we live in. When they reinforce it, I just find that stupid.

But please: Abuse me and my body in these comments, because that wouldn't make my point for me at all.

Christopher: I hear you, and I agree with @26.

Meags: Hillside Quickies vegan sandwiches!
@ 44, that wouldn't work because Madonna is older than Demi. Also, Madonna is older than Guy Ritchie, like Demi is older than Ashton.

See @ 26 for why you're still wrong.

For the record, I'm with everyone who thought this was funny and not worth such a reaction. But it is sexist. (Not misogynistic, just sexist.)
@46 You think that maybe the joke is not haha a women was old, but haha Aston Kutcher is a dick?
"...the culture turning women into irrelevant (speaking of) dried-up pieces of meat"

No, this was about turning Demi Moore "into irrelevant (speaking of) dried-up pieces of meat." Is she not?
So the reason 18 year old girls won't fuck me, a middle-aged man, is because they are man-haters?

Thanks, got it.
Can we stop using the word boycott? It's really sexist and ageist.

Personcott seems better.
@48: I think having to parse an Ashton Kutcher joke is fail.
I got food poisoning from the deli at City Market. Just an FYI
@47: Quite a dodge. Care to elaborate on why it's sexist but not misogynist? (I wouldn't want to have overreacted, like a hysterical girl, just because I didn't understand the distinction.)
@52 Then why did you make a post about it?
Also, seandr, you have my deepest sympathies. Middle-aged white guys in this culture do suffer a great deal from the phenomenon of 18-year-old "girls" refusing to fuck them.
The only thing more borish than declaring a temporary boycott over something inconsequential is rushing to the internet to tell everyone about it. Besides, if you are going to do something like that, isn't that what Facebook or Twitter are for?

City Market has been around Seattle longer than I have. It wil probably outlive me, let alone The Stranger. I'd let it go, if I were you, Jen dear.
And we have a winner: @55
@57: I'll try to keep my girlish thoughts to myself, or at least parade them out only in more private, domesticated spheres—nowhere as Big Boy as Slog.
@55, @58: You can talk about Ashton, I'll talk about misogyny.


You stick to outrageous outrage and we'll stick to laughing at you when you do stupid things like imply that the owner of a locally owned shop is a racist.

Everyone wins!

pretty funny
Erdman wins, as always
@60 Talking about how bad misogyny is in reference to this is no different from talking about how bad murder is in reference to the Amanda Knox one from a couple days ago. This is no more an endorsement of misogyny than that one was of stabbing.

@61: Outrage has to exist to be outrageous. Drum it up if it makes you feel better. I'm just not shopping at a market, and I'm not backing down from naming blatant misogyny.
@ 54, misogyny is hate; sexism isn't. I don't see a general hatred and contempt of women in this sign.

And my comment @ 47 is not an about face - see my comment @ 4.

This business appears to get off on being edgy, with these very non-PC sandwich board signs featuring people in the news. Of course, I don't live there - maybe they have a much longer history of sexist or misogynistic ads. If there's a pattern, your anger is well placed. If not, then it's not.
Sexism aside, it's just not that funny. The phrasing is awkward for one thing. But yeah, it certainly does reflect the cultural trope that women have a pull date to which men are not subject and I think pointing that out is valid.
Go get 'em, Jen. Ignore these trolls. It's an obnoxious ad. 'Nuff said.
I feel that the lady doth protest too much.
This really is immature indignity. It's boring and predictable too. (But please, take that as veiled misogyny!)
Which do you think Demi Moore is more offended about? City Chicken making an analogy between her and a dried up piece of meat, or young women cavorting with her husband? Aren't those young women being mysoginist?

Anyway, why is the joke accompanied by a picture of Jesus?
And here Catalina put it in as polite a way as she could, only to be met with more vitriol and what seems to be an attempt to foist a sexist viewpoint onto Mz. Vel Du-Ray.

Dear Matt from Denver:…
Please enjoy.
turning women into pieces of meat is such bullshit. i mean, its not just women, but men are turned into pieces of meat too. read a baseball scouting report. men LIKE being treated as pieces of meat. objectifying is great as a balance to all this subjective bullshit.
Ummmmm, TEAM JEN. Her response at @46 covers it. God forbid women dare to question the culture that turns them into piles of dead garbage--to be either consumed or discarded by men--as soon as they hit 40.
Jen, you really should retitle this post as: "In Which an Idiot Unwittingly Proves Her Own Idiocy, Part II".

But hey, congrats on what must be a month's worth of hits for you.
@ 67 - My thoughts exactly.

Thanks Lissa & Jen!
Demi Moore is not old stringy chicken meat.
Oh fer chrissakes. It's funny BECAUSE it's offensive.
@72, so far not finding anything else I could call sexist...
I'd say it's more ageist then misogynist
now who is trolling?
...but it does imply women are undesirable after a certain age or, as Jen aptly puts it, irrelevant dried-up pieces of meat. for that I agree - City Mkt failed on this one & should take it down
Jen Graves is just a shrill, hysterical, bitchy, ball-busting, PMSing, femi-nazi. Then men who defend jokes about how older women are used up trash are HEROS! Keep it up, fellas--you're hilarious and a great treasure to our society!
"God forbid women dare to question the culture that turns them into piles of dead garbage"

And there's no better battle to pick than to get mad at a City Market sign that was just making fun of Ashton Kutcher!
@85 FTW!
"Things are funny, but only if they don't refer to me."
"It's not misogynist! You'd only think so if you were an old, ugly woman." Wow, thanks for the laugh, SLOG.

Right on, Jen.
@86 If you honestly think the sign was making fun of Ashton Kutcher and not celebrating him for dumping an old worthless bag of boobs and bones you're seriously thick. To be perfectly clear: I mean you're stupid, and also a coward to not stand up for the female sex. It takes a real clever man to laugh at a joke about a woman.
Who are the asses having a fucking heart attack about a simple truth? That misogynist sign sucks. Thanks, Jen for calling it out. I don't give a fuck about two overpaid celebrities who decided to call it quits. I do, however, care that the local deli on Capitol Hill thinks it's cute to demean women of all ages. City deli, I hope the women of Seattle heap a ton of used tampons at your foul door: a gift from the fairer sex. If you can't see what's fucked up about the sign you can stay home and beat your stringy old meat. But shut up.
@86 So the one about what's her name that got off for killing her kid, was that celebrating her or child murder?
@90 Wow.

What do you want him to do? Just agree with you? Or burn down City Market?

Of all the things in the word to waste time on this should rate exceptionally low on any thinking persons give-a-shit-o-meter.

Graves is always talking about privilege. And nothing shows her ridiculous levels of white rich girl privilege (Stanford grads are soooo street!) than these petty time wasting mini-outrage generators.

I never go to City Market. But I am now. Just out of spite.
Seandr, that's a perfect retort to this ridiculous post. Lame comeback Jen Graves.
Do you think Ashton prefers real or fake chicken breasts?
Wow, this is starting to look like one of those old Erica C Barnett melt downs.
I think as a woman there is a bit of sting, for me, but that is because women seem to be held to a different standard with regard to aging in the US. Not being in Seattle I don't know if City Market hates women or not, but I think this example is more sexist and ageist than anything else. Other's can feel different, after all my $0.02 can be tossed in the dustbin easily.
@ 74

Color me disappointed, Lindy.
I love how the boycott is "temporary". Arrgh, the outrage! Im not going to eat your chicken again until next week!!!
@93: I got lotsa privilege—I thought I had more than anybody. Until I met a commenter who wastes the time to call out the wasting of time by a privileged person calling out privilege, and who declares solidarity with a poster as a counter-protest. Impressive.
That's beautiful, @96. Next thing she'll start deleting comments.
90. No Ashton Kutcher dumping a girl, no jokey sign. So yeah, it's about him.

As for feministing, I don't stand up for hateful people who always look for reasons to hate.
@100 That's what you come up with. Jesus.

How much more petty could you be here, Jen? Is that what your privileged ass pushed hundreds of actual minority applicants to Stanford aside for? Way to waste daddies money.

Did you dream of the day when you had a job at major metro news outlet just so you draw attention to a cartoon of a pop culture reference made by a minimum wage convenience store employee? Impressive, indeed.

This is how you use your time? You are a brave champion of the oppressed, Jen! You should be knighted.

Look. I'm not the rich white girl employed by a media outlet. You are.

I'm just one of the plebes. Hoping and praying that people like you will spend your time on shit that matters.

Of all the time you've taken today. Of all effort you have wasted on this how, many real issues could you have championed with your privileged position?

I swear you've gone down some sort recursive obsessive outwards projecting guilt hole lately. If you actually realized the kind of privilege you have you wouldn't be posting horse shit like this.

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