Or you can simply flash your boobs at people (to send a message).…
All the art in the world won't help the fact Seattle's OWS is a cluster fuck of confusion and "where are we protesting at today?" " Can anyone find us?"
Eat shit! Fuck your stupid "occupation"!
Very much in support of more art down at OccupySeattle.

Also in support of people that comment on, understandably, the "cluster fuck" heading down and suggesting some constructive ideas. This shit is harder than you think.
It doesn't seem right for the police to be confiscating and destroying art. Isn't that a first amendment issue?
Those signs are well done. Nice job Mr. Vandervloed.
The Stranger should make dancing at Westlake from 6-9 tomorrow the #1 "Thing to do".
Can someone tell me how vandalizing privately owned buildings in the name of Occupy Seattle is supposed to rally support? Lame.
@1, buckets of human waste around the camp, eh? Raw sewage running down the sidewalk? Sweet! Way to fight the power, Portland!

"Tahrir Square" just makes me laugh, and laugh, and laugh....
this is fucking great. i hope artists participate in some kind of significant numbers. beyond puppets.
Yeah. Because what Occupy Seattle isn't missing a coherent message, reputable citizens participating or some point or purpose to their existence.

What they're really missing is art.
" i hope artists participate in some kind of significant numbers. "

That should double their numbers to ....100 or so. And they'll be a great inspiration to Joe Sixpack.
@11 Are you going to invite successful
Artists? Methinks Chihuly is in the 1%.
11, 12... love it! great example of the disconnect between the right and the left. this is one of the areas where i think the divide really is in brain science. the right is completely lacking in art and creativity. the left wants a more creative, artistic, livable culture. the right only wants status quo and safety in normality. if you can't understand the significance in artists participating in a movement to ... whatever it is, protesting against the crapification of republican politics imo, no shit, you never understood art in the first place.

one fucking thing right wingnuts never get is art. mindfuck.
*actually imo the point of OWS is something about attacking the establishment D and R while trying to forge a commonality between the average moderates from both sides. real art would probably only contribute to the radicalization of the message, which of course alienates moderates and rightwingnuts, as I see it.
@15 That's funny, I haven't seen you at the Seattle Opera , symphony or ballet.

In fact, most of the OS crayon chewers I saw last Saturday wouldn't be able to sit through Carmen because of their ADT and probably think 'reading music' is for 'the man'. Banging on guitars is art!
@16, well, so are you wrong if I attend those and enjoy those as forms of art as well(yes)? anyhoo, going through the motions of participating in standardized forms of establishment art for facetime is not what I mean by art. Nor do I give a shit about banging on guitars. But if that's all you know, I'll just pat you on the back *sorry!* maybe try reducing your stereotypes and genuinely find challenging viewpoints. if you dont find them here, then fine, you sure arent challenging us.
"is not what I mean by art."

Why should anyone give a fuck how you define 'art'?
@18 I love you my unblessed friend. That is the question I always want to be asked. That is the question anyone that cares about art and wants to live life as an art cares about. I don't care about your business suits, your religion, your pathetic myths, your adherence to authority, your superior man, your morals. I care about your sense of beauty and the capacity you have to feel it and the frequency which you get it. I care about our moments we have to enjoy life and experience its uncanny touching sublimity, its complexity, its newness and singularity. Revelations! Sensitivity!
It's fine if you don't. I won't make you care about your suck ass hatred of everyone and everything. But I will fight against it.
BLagaghghghgh hghg hghgh

And I pay lots of taxes.
Artists needed for this Sunday: Night of 1,000 Jack-O-Lanterns:…;
@13, 14: wow. sarcasm detection FAIL (on post @11).

Double negatives are hard, I know, but do try and keep up. also the typo threw you, I bet: so insert 'is' after 'what occupy seattle isn't missing' and re-read.

The point being, OcctupySea needs more harmonic message, coherence, brave leadership and perhaps less Hobo-Chic/homeless in their protest
they have any intent of swaying those who are still on the fence (which frankly are still the vast MAJORITY of the 99%) or in the dark about their motives. Right now it looks too much like the protestors are just there for the journey and have forgotten any destination.
Especially with the stupid arguments over camping/art/sleeping/etc with cops/city.
The majority of the 99%-that-can-vote are goal-oriented - they want more than fawking throwaway HANDJOB art: that shit got old in the 70's, boring in the 80's and downright infuriating the last 2 decades... you're doing the protest/cause equivilant of a long burlesque strip tease when someone specifically asked for an animalistic afternoon-delight quickie. i.e. Drop trou and bend over already, before we leave and never call you.

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