Visual Art Nov 2, 2011 at 4:00 am

The Irreconcilable Jenny Heishman

These baskets are nouns gone wrong. courtesy of Prole Drift


Overwrought, unoriginal, and tired. When DOES this schtick end? It's just like one big clutter f#*k of unoriginality and derivation.
And for the record, you are making this even worse than it already is...
"Mini mall shoppes(as in ye olde?)...where obscurity and nouveau riche meet... mysteriously trustworthy,,, drape "true"...ghost of mimicry" flows out of you just like that green goop gushes out of the undead when vanquished-just like in all those horror films we've been seeing on TV this week-only you make sure it's coated in lots of white sugar, ugh, I feel a diabetic art coma coming on...
Just saw the show and loved it, especially the work in the photo above. I too was especially taken with the chunky weight and unbearable lightness of the baskets.

susanna bluhm
artangel, I'm thinking you're nwmystic and Highbrowgorilla all rolled into one. What a cute little troll you are and a master of taste. You seem a little sick given what your job requires of you. Poor thing.
@1 As much as I tend to agree with you, you're treading on my territory-don't ya think?
@ G f-Hole. I think you should expand your thinking and realize that not everybody is drinking the Kool Aid in this town. Many do not agree with y'all.
artangel, why always the critique of the writer? that is getting tired. please tell us what you like or don't like about the art. it's a review!
I've seen this show a few times now, and I get more from it with each visit. Heishman has a way with materials that sneaks up on you. This work isn't handed to the viewer on a platter all pre-chewed and pre-digested - Heishman is aiming for a more engaged audience, people who are willing to slow down and actually look. Take a moment to roll each object around in your mind like a marble you found on the sidewalk when you were a kid. You will definitely find a treat inside the experience.

[artangel: you sound like an angry artist who is feeling jilted by the art world. Going around with your eyes wide shut and mouth wide open crying like a little baby isn't going to help - in fact it's probably at the heart of the problem with your own art work. Best of luck with that!]
To the usual suspects:

It's just a free gift for you. sure, the bullshit detector goes off a lot for everyone when viewing contemporary art. but being an asshole doesn't do anyone any good. make yourself a place where you can actually offer something.

@a, @4, @5 (artangel, northwest mystic, highbrowgorilla, etc. (all the same dude))
Dear Multiperson (northwest mystic, artangel) HO,
Your deluded craft is obvious and only fools you. You are not e pluribus unum. You are one. You are many from one. You are clearly one not many. Your name may change but your signature style stands out like a sore conundrum or an too often reused condom. That you, artangel, would log on as (we know who you are) northwest mystic, and claim you’re not artangel is such a cute hale Mary act of subterfuge. I do admit I find some interest in your game. But you appear in so many guises on so many Stranger blogs and comment opportunities. You even appear elsewhere. You busy little devil, you. You despise pop notions and light commentary. You think you are the ultimate unleashed. I’m sure many psychiatrists would try to help your condition with pills. Some call you an unwelcome troll. I’m thinking you are entertaining to a wee degree. So you have some micro-value. Kind of like an errant gnat in a huge universe of commonsense chaos. Then there’s those who follow and think the proper progressive stance towards you is to show you progressive love and appeal to your possible inner-goodness. They fail on the petard of a particular kind of liberal ignorance. Nothing would seem to have the power to help you but perhaps a good old fashion frontal lobotomy. You are not the only churl and that is a problem for many. Your dementia praecox glows in the dark. Your ways of grandiosity is a warning sign you must be blind to. Should we hope for your salvation, Insha’Allah? You seem to be destined to contribute to THE NOISE of life. So clever but so bankrupt. You strange ho to nonsense.
@a, @4, @5 - you do know that several of us at The Stranger know your name, address and other neat things, no? Oh wait, you didn't go to ITT tech. Watch it.

@10 hmmm...last time i checked, this was a commentary and opinion forum for ALL POV's According to my attorney-free speech and privacy is protected in this country. Also hacking into databases and websites etc is a felony. If you know things from illegal activity, well, that's cause for a little more investigating and what you choose to threaten me with..maybe you should watch it. If miss graves cant take criticism, maybe a new career is in order. This isnt high school and roughing me up at recess is hardly, never mind "feelingshy".
The objects keep turning over and over in my mind. The cut burlap painting reminded me of a T-rex skull, or was it a ship cockpit with purple neon? The fragile foil vessels are very carefully decorated and perfectly imperfect. your kool-aid is refreshing, laced with vitamin c and good intentions. Thank you!
"Things are as they are. Looking out into it the universe at night, we make no comparisons between right and wrong stars, nor between well and badly arranged constellations." -Alan Watts
“Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.”~Voltaire
I like that Heishman's work nods to seminal artists who's work is provocative/transgressive. She uses that same alphabet to find things that are kind, witty and extremely complex-- a welcome sort of refinement that is a serum to billboard tropes.

Prop Shop is initially crummy and hermetic, but it's contrived in the best way: The work is intimate, open, and generous with visual clues that can take you anywhere. It's a vague area balanced between many territories like a fractal vestibule.

If only you'd take the time...come along if you care.
saw the photo above and i loved it very much and colorful baskets. appreciable work.

seattle retaining wall

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