In 2012, the Henry Art Gallery will install an artwork on its facade that will demographically profile you.

When you walk by, cameras stationed at various places around the facade will capture your image and attempt to place you using Facebook and Twitter data. The system will find people similar to you. It will determine your age and gender, and a cacophony of voices on speakers will reduce to just one voice—a voice "like" yours, now speaking to you.

On the screens, images will pop up of people that are "like" you, along with text from status updates and Tweets. The system may even find the actual you. "You" will keep playing after you leave, too, until the system becomes interested in someone else. Whoa.

This is an artwork called Sanctum, by James Coupe and Juan Pampin, both professors in the University of Washington's DXArts program. It's a commission by the Henry (yay! Go Henry!), and details about the selection process and jury are here. The work is scheduled to launch at the start of fall quarter 2012.