Visual Art Dec 23, 2011 at 11:23 am


Minority Report. Today it's an art installation. Eventually it will be advertising.
@1 Not "eventually." There are already advertising installations in place that do similar things.
this should be interesting (looking forward to it)
Awesome... and really, really spooky.
This is why I limit my internet activity to saying dumb things on Slog anonymously.
Jen: can you make "we live in the future" a subject header... Like those green Topic items such as "visual art"?

We've been living in the future for quite some time, of course, but it is definitely coming harder and faster nowadays, so that's prolly why the bulk of people are noticing.
Wow. That is massively creepy.
What's the point of doing this in Seattle? Isn't everybody up there white? You could just put up pictures of the last 10 people to walk by, and it would be the same.
While I could see it determining your gender there is no way it could determine your age (unless your birthday is posted) or voice, other than just choosing either a male or female voice. As for the facial recognition stuff, yeah.. that's been around and used in security the world over.

Just saying.
that is creepy as hell.
In the last year, I’ve been quite surprised at the number of complaints I experienced from people on and off the UW campus about DXArts. People report the department and staff as difficult to get along with and as showing a disturbing sense of superiority. Many Art School students and Instructors report they don’t like DXArts. They feel they are looked down on by DXArts. A foreign DXArts instructor was extremely inflexible regarding the opinions and work of her students and constantly used her cell phone during class. DXArts seems to be recruiting a lot of foreigners. DXArts is reported to have closed its doors to new students. It was reported by an important off campus art institution that DXArts is impossible to work with and may be in trouble continuing as a program. There must be a lot of friction between the UW School of Art and DXArts. The campus is never free of politics and territorial issues.

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