Artist Kathryn Rathke had always regretted not drawing Kurt Vonnegut Jr., so we thought we’d give her the chance. We live to serve. Kathryn Rathke


Please do this every year!
Goddammit. I just convinced myself to knock off all the guilt and regret, and you get it all started up again. Thanks for ruiniing Resolution #2.
I regret trying to read them all in the print edition where y'all used 10pt font size
I regret my golf game with Bill Gates. I swear I didn't see that hole-in-one coming.
@3 Mr. Werner,

Your post touches a concern of mine. I fear the Stranger may be having financial problems. The evidence is the changes that have occurred in how page allocation (space) is being used. We were used to each art form (Visual, Theater, Books, etc.) having a whole page dedicated to the art form with a large color picture and the text filling the whole page. This luxuory seems to have been given up. I presume this change comes from the top. Now we find the arts sections no longer separate but presented as concatenated run-on columns, often with small or no pictures and much of the page taken up with ads. The Seattle Times seems still committed, on Fridays, to a full page art spread. Also, the index at the front of the paper has been eliminated with the addition of the strange categories flagged at the top of the pages. You can no longer go to page two and find out where the food page is, for example. In place of the lost space is money earning ads. The Pop Music section still dominates giving a clue as to what moves the reading public. The impact of culture on the dominance of the Pop Music section is also clearly a priority at the Weekly that has taken a hatchet to its commitment to art. It can’t be easy giving away such fat newspapers free and paying for the cost. One thinks of the history of the Village Voice. Not only music, but tons of ads for flesh at the back. It’s seems sad but a sign of the current economic times. Wait till gasoline hits $5 plus. In the future keep an eye on the dedication of page columns on any given paper category. Notice that the feature articles seem to get top privilege.

So I regret the way this has irritated me last year and pledge to do my best to be uninfuriated and calm when facing the situation and changes I must face when opening and reading the Stranger! The art community continues to suffer from tough economic times as does the printed word. The planet is giving us feedback.

Any chance of morning delivery?

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