FIERCE Art by Nyky Gomez, showing at American Pie in Georgetown.
  • The Stranger
  • FIERCE Art by Nyky Gomez, showing at American Pie in Georgetown.

When you think of Georgetown, you think of men. First off: George. Second, the burly working-class history of the place. Third, there's the military-industrial-complex-titled ART ATTACK! Which is awesome, and which I love—it is clearly the best art walk besides Pioneer Square's (and is celebrating its fourth anniversary tonight)—but it doesn't put you in mind of the womenz.

This, however, is misleading, as I recently discovered. The artist Julie Baraoh, who recently took over the reins of publicizing Art Attack (Larry Reid of Fantagraphics used to do it), sent me an email a few weeks ago selling me the idea of "the women of Georgetown" as a story. I was reticent. Then I went to visit, and women came out of the woodworks over the course of a two-hour walk through the neighborhood. Three of us lady-snowballed into a whole gang of women. We stopped traffic at least once just by appearing to desire to cross the street, there were so many of us.

THE STABLES Run by independent curator Mary Enslow.
  • The Stranger
  • THE STABLES Run by independent curator Mary Enslow.
All of which is to say that when you go to Art Attack tonight, you should keep the ladies of Georgetown in mind, too. There's Bar
, whose Krab Jab Studios is home to three artists and a writer. There's Angielena Vitale Chamberlain, who is in the running for kindest, warmest person on the planet, and who operates Belle Vitale Studio. Chamberlain also founded, in 2007, the Georgetown Arts and Cultural Center, which you have to check out if you haven't already. It's an old union hall-slash-ballroom converted into an exhibition and studio space around the corner from Stellar Pizza on the northern end of Georgetown. Right now at the center, Betty Jo Costanzo—who before moving to Seattle last year was teaching and working mostly as a performance artist in the Bay Area (at Mills and CCAC, among other places)—shows lushly painted landscapes that look like they're in extremely slow motion.

DONT MISS NAUTILUS An assemblage by Yvette Endrijautzki.
  • The Stranger
  • DON'T MISS NAUTILUS An assemblage by Yvette Endrijautzki.
Throughout the neighborhood, women rule as owners, operators, and independent curators at spaces including Calamity Jane's, Stellar Pizza, the Stables, Full Throttle Bottles (where Erika Tedin is reported to be the brassiest woman in Georgetown), the Roving Gallery, Georgetown Trailer Park Mall, Two Tartes Bakery & Cafe (showing photographs from Arts Corps), American Pie (showing collage works by Nyky Gomez), inside the Old Rainier Bottling Plant (ask Mary Tudor about her secret recipe for making her oil paintings roll up without cracking), and Nautilus Studio.

Nautilus is an eccentric home and studio designed to look like a shipwreck. You do not want to miss it. The lady artist behind all this is assemblagist Yvette Endrijautzki (her male partner is Jethaniel Peterka).

Art Attack starts at 6 and runs to 9, but many places are open later. GO!