Visual Art Apr 4, 2012 at 4:00 am

Two Artists Talk Back to Hide/Seek

An installation shot of Hide/Seek at Tacoma Art Museum with the carpet of Felix Gonzalez-Torres's candies, and AA Bronson's photograph of his artistic collaborator Felix, moments after he died of AIDS. courtesy of tacoma art museum


loved the exhibit, and loved the article...but had the same nagging questions for both. would it have killed you to include more about the ladies?
I saw the exhibit in Brooklyn, and I have to say I was crying before the end of it. I'm just not used to being allowed to wander so openly through my heritage. Is it important to be gay? Resoundingly: Yes.
Genevieve: It was something that nagged me, too, and you are absolutely right. I had limited space and was frustrated by the same thing. I wasn't sure how to address not addressing it, if that makes sense. Thank you for posting here and holding me, and all of us, to it.

Also: It is something Jeffry, Joey, and I talked about as well. I didn't want you to think they were unaware or uncaring. Not at all.
There's a chance to learn more about the ladies of HIDE/SEEK! Co-curator Dr. Jonathan D. Katz will be speaking about the women of HIDE/SEEK on May 10 at 6:30 pm at Tacoma Art Museum. For tickets visit

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