Well done. The cover photo they use is fabulous - Ryan McGinley's "Dakota (Serval)" from his Animals series showing at Team Gallery in NY through the beginning of June.
So I have not read the piece. However, a very good friend of mine quit working for the Bronx Zoo, after a very long 5 years there as a keeper, back in September. And I would say that she probably agrees with the description of the director. And probably anything and everything disparaging said about zoo patrons. She hated working at the zoo and never because of the animals. Only because of the humans.
@1: YES. I should have mentioned it. I'd love to see McGinley skewered by Samuels as well. It's a perfect cover shot. Meanwhile, the shots inside the magazine are utterly unobnoxious (and not by McGinley but by Gus Powell,
Does he mention Ota Benga, the Mbutu tribesman from Congo who was displayed in a cage in the zoo there in 1906?
@4: He does indeed.
@5, somewhere in my mountain of unsorted papers is an ad printed in a 1910s edition of a small-town Montana newspaper for a traveling troupe of "African pygmies", displayed in a caged circus cart. They were appearing in, I think, Miles City, at a rodeo or circus. It certainly didn't look like the unfortunates in the cage ever got to enjoy any time out of it. Pretty grisly.
My mother was a nurse, and had the medical text (with pictures) from the Tuskegee experiments. Very grisly, incredibly disturbing in what and how it happened. It disappeared when she died, and later found out it had been taken as was being passed around as a gag gift. Yes, we are all animals, just some are better at it.

And thank you for giving me flashbacks to the not once, but thrice times I have seen lil old asian lady butt, dropping trough to pee. I could view this as the natural random acts in our Zoo. Or the possibility they're so active at their age is because they have no butts to sit on. Seriously, how can you go through life with an inner tush?... but I digress.
* Inny

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