I love this.
I love post-modern art. How do you not love an art form so honest that it knows it is going to eat itself, and yet it still produces artists willing to make the art, even though they understand that this self mandibulation may actually happen in the midst of their creations.

And, the only difference between that and anything that came before it is that it has been apparent that it was going to happen from the get go.

That site, with the whole mother/daughter thing it has going is pretty awesome as well.

Sweet post.
Ugh I hate it. I love camp and superheroes, but this reeks.
Can you buy these at Urban Outfitters yet?
I have to admit they are visually interesting and appear to be well executed technically, but they don't really seem to say anything about anything, not saints, not superheros, not iconography, not worship; nothing about us or the human experience.

Eminently forgettable.

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