Visual Art Jun 20, 2012 at 4:00 am

Britta Johnson at Lawrimore Project

Courtesy of the artist


Nice free advertising for Scott Lawrimore once again Jen. Does he just schmooze you to a diabetes red alert to get this kind of coverage or is there more in it for you than that? Or maybe you are just to insecure to go out there and think for yourself...hmmmm. What's that-NO big name artists attached here (Sugimoto and Misrach) to the nobodies to elevate Rasputin and his traveling side show this month...what??? DARN! I guess no local consignments were available.
The break the last few weeks from your monotony and pretentiousness was refreshing Jen. TOO BAD it's back to the ol' small time local yokel tryin' for the big time bullshit.
darn...I just knew it was too good to last.
OMG! [Oh my Gorilla]. Hibrow! You're back! You were missed!

I would love to respond more fully to your comments, but I'm at a loss as to WTF [what the fauxrage] gets your underpants in a bunch over anything we do. Perhaps I'M "to[o] insecure?"

Those of you not familiar with the great Hibrow's past trollnificence, here are their greatest hits:…

why does anyone even bother responding to Hibrow?

It is about as effective as trying to will away an erect member that hasn't had any action for a week.
"GOODBYE RASPUTIN"...It is with great sadness-WAIT!-no it isn't, I'm smizing! He's closing up the travellin' roadshow folks, easing on down road, and leaving on a jet plane(for Berlin? oh, that was last year). Hmmmmm. But seriously, it's a good thing Martha, because what has really got to be in my opinion, a truly divisive force in the local art scene lately, not to mention a major culprit in denegrating local art history and culture for the past 10 years is movin'on folks. YAY! say it again YAY!.
Too bad thoough for all his artists that drank the KOOL-AID, now that truly is sad, let's hope they can rebound. Any-hoo, it all happens for a reason and maybe this was meant to be...let's just hope he doesn't surface somewhere locally to cause more destruction and strife.
But MOST importantly-WHAT's JEN GONNA DO NOW!?!?!

excerpt(his words)

"I have accepted an appointment to a position that expands my ability to contribute to the art community in Seattle. Because of this new post, I will no longer be ‘projecting’ with the Project. While this is wonderful news for me personally and professionally, I am quite sad that I won't be working with my stellar stable of artists in a gallery capacity. I do, however, look forward to working with them in new and exciting ways in the years to come. A formal announcement of my new appointment will happen soon. Stay tuned...

I want to thank all the collectors, colleagues and audiences that have made the last six years the very best of my professional career so far, but most of all I'd like to thank the hundreds of artists, curators and writers that helped to distinguish Lawrimore Project.
hibrow, you're going to be disappointed when you find'll be even more influential than before in his new post.

sucks for you:-/

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