All that, and pretty too.
And hopefully there is an elevator so the building is accessible for those who cannot walk. ADA anyone?
Yes, there's an elevator to accommodate ADA requirements, Seattle's building code requires such. The staircase is simply designed to inspire walking up instead of taking the easy way out. Fantastic concept.
Please revisit the topic in one year and let us know how many of the expectations have been fulfilled.
Mr. Mudede: please revisit the topic in one year and let us know which of the expectations have been fulfilled.
Charles, could you please have the graphics people at the Stranger fix the "click to enlarge" image in your article. I'm guessing you set it up yourself because the link leads to a 1 x 1 pixel nothing, and just enlarging the visible graphic leaves the text too annoyingly blurred to attempt reading. Thanks.
Thanks, webmaster, for fixing the graphic today.
I love the discussion of the stairs versus elevator. I worked in a Bellevue building that touted it's LEED Silver status on the front doors (which nearly no one ever opened by hand, everyone always used the handicap button). I could never figure out how it could get that status when it was impossible to get from the first floor lobby of the building to the second floor without using the elevator. We *had* to use the elevator to get from the first to second floor, there was no other publicly-accessible way. How is that green?

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