In about 1979, I was thinking about maybe going to art school and getting an MFA. Bert about hit me, he was so pissed, and told me in no uncertain terms that if I did that I was fucking crazy. Didnt do it, and, of course, he was right.

And his performances were incredible.
Thank you for the interview. I haven't seen Rolon since he moved to Whidbey. People like Rolan made Seattle into a fun, vibrant place. It's good that his memories are being recorded, no matter how fragmentary. Seattle's art and political scenes were populated by wonderful people who connected with each other in unexpected ways. So much of that history is being lost to age and death.
.. loved this.. thanks..
This is great! Had never heard of him before, thanks.
What a wonderful interview. This evening I just started putting his name in the search bar and it popped up before I was done typing. He was my art history teacher at the Cornish School in the early 70's. Then I went to work for him hanging shows at Foster/White & around, including Bumbershoot. I guess if I ever had a hero, anywhere, it would be him. -MM (Tucson)

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