Gosh, I can't stand McGinn as mayor, but damn, he looks good.
When they re-start Twin Peaks, that tacky, hippy, sleezy psychiatrist who kept Laura Palmer's tapes in a coconut will have moved to Seattle, and he will be practicing out of the Queen Anne house in that picture.
Purple is a pretty awful color.

And damn, @2 is right.
I call bullshit on that photo da mare sent in - he color-saturated the fuck out of it. Without Instagram his garage is pasty green, his house is pale drab why-bother yellow. Greenwood average.

I wish we could Instagram the mayor himself to be a bit brighter.

My favorite house paint scheme: dark olive green with black trim and a lacquered chinese red front door. Be still my beating heart!
I have oftened wondered how it was determined to nickname Seaburg, the Emerald City. It certainly has always been more taupe than emerald.
Does the Bettie Page mural near the 65th off-ramp count?
I would totally fuck that chick is with.
My Aunt's house used to be white with black and red trimming and I thought it looked really nice but she didn't like it I guess and went for brown with brown and now it kinda looks like well you know. But she likes it and that's worth something.
Whether you like the art or not, the TUBS Building on 50th & Roosevelt is an explosion of color amidst our otherwise denim and chalk scheme.
I don't want a house that screams "Look at me!".
Whoa, McGinn looks really hot in that photo.
@8, chicks dig spleling an gramer.
@13 no, we are smart enough to fill in the blanks.

I can see that Jeff would like to fuck who that chick is with. I also find Mike McGinn very attractive.
If Americans had as much design sense as the average Swede/Dane (their bright colors seem to work...even in a suburban setting) than I would say go for it. Unfortunately, we are doomed to an unlivable environment if the colors are let loose here. It's all about hitting beautiful design without trying to stand out - not a strong skill in this country.
Mike ftw!

But we could use some more vibrant color around here.

I've always promised myself that, if I ever own a home, it will have a red front door.


As I have relatives living in Denmark, I feel qualified to say that most Danish residences are fugly and bland. My mother's cousin, who was an advertising executive, lived in an apartment building that would make the Soviets blush.
Please paint your houses purple!

I tried to add purple trim to our backyard shed, and my spousal critter made me paint over it. Sad times.
Who's that woman? Where's Mike's wedding ring?
I like that Psychiatrist house.
Super photo!

Ideally, the best color schemes for houses, especially those with verdant bushes and plant growth, is either iris with white shutters and woodwork, or perwinkle blue and white shutters and woodwork - - - bother make an excellent colora arrangement.
It's Kerri Harrop.

Color only makes sense in places with lots of sunshine...otherwise it looks drab and muddy, and really, kind of sickening.

That's why the Nordic colors (as in IKEA) are beige, brown with a bit of deep red thrown or dark blue thrown in. Those colors look good in cloudy weather. The kind we have here. Right now. Most of the time.
Purple is the BEST color! Fnarf has bad taste!
If you want a city with colour, may I suggest St. John's, Newfoundland:…

(And @23, it's less sunny there than in Seattle.)
I like neutral tones with bright accent colors for trim and doors and such. But whatever. I've always thought your mayor is hot. Do you think he works out?

Newfoundland avg sunny days: 269

Seattle: 152

So, nope.……

@27: From current results:

Average total hours with sunshine each year:

Seattle: 2170

St. John's: 1512

So, perhaps.

I notice you opted not to include the whole line of data which says 2170 hours..but only 58 days!!

While St. Johns has 1512 hours but five times a many clear days at 270.…

I could speculate since both cities are at the same latitude that St. John's may have more of its clear days in winter, when days are only 8 hours long, than Seattle where truly clear days happen mostly July through September when the day can be nearly 18 hours long.
I liked how when we passed by the bright, BRIGHT yellow house a block away from where I live, a cab driver once said 'a very desperate man lives there".
Who remembers the "Wonder Bread" house in the north end? I believe it was somewhere near North City, my mom drove us past it every so often back in the late '50s. Looked like an early Damian Hirst.

Oh hey, you know her too? What a coincidence.


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