Mia McEldowney was an important and beloved figure for artists in our community and for us at Artist Trust. A founding member of the Seattle Art Dealers Association, Mia served Artist Trust as Board President, and was a major supporter in innumerable ways over the years. In recognition of her steadfast and generous support, Artist Trust honored her as one of our 2012 Creative Catalysts last November at our Awards Party. She was a vibrant and inspiring spirit and will be missed greatly.
I knew Mia professionally when I was the Arts editor for KING in the 80's and we became friends as neighbors. She was one of the rare birds of Seattle who infused the city with color and generous good will toward so many. I'm sorry you never knew her.
Lucy Mohl
Thanks for this posting Jen. She touched a lot if lives and influenced the careers of local and national artists. MIA Gallery was the first gallery in the country to exhibit contemporary works of art alongside folk and outsider art. She was drawn to artworks with strong narratives, technical precision, emotional vitality, and bold color and line work. MIA Gallery had a uniquely recognizable aesthetic, which is a rarity in commercial galleries. She deeply respected her 50+ artists and her diverse clientele. In addition to the artists mentioned above, she represented Jay Steensma, Annie Grgich, Laurie Hall, Kiff Slemmons, Carl Chew, Melissa Stern, Selene Santucci, Larry Calkins, Daniel Minter, Tim Fowler...and showed works by renowned folk artists Reverend Howard Finster, Mose Tolliver, Jon Serl, Royal Robertson, Charles Kinney, Ree Brown, Stephen Powers and many others. She was instrumental in founding Artist Trust and was a founding member of the Seattle Art Dealers Association. In the past few years, confined to a wheelchair, Mia continued to work by curating a large scale exhibition of her own folk art collection, and the exhibition opening at March. She was a remarkable, irrepressible force! - Meg Shiffler
Irrepressible! Great description! Thanks Meg and Jen, for all of your lovely words! Mia will be missed. When first asked to donate for Artist Trust, I grew handfuls of inches when I found out she had won my piece. Her dedication and unique vision propelled many studio jewelers in this area and I am sure her influence and spirit are part of the reason the Seattle area has been such a haven for craftsmen.
When I adopted my dog-pal Helmut (13 years ago today!) she used to pick me up and we would drive to a park and wander around talking dogs, art, and the world. Though this seems ages ago, I cherish that time...mentor indeed! In order to sound boldly cliche, we need to keep her spirit alive by acting as her example. Onward we go with sadness in the heart
My thoughts and prayers go to her family and friends.
I was looking forward to meeting her in person and thank her for the great contribution she made in the art community of Seattle.. The fact that MIA Gallery is often mistaken for M.I.A Gallery is an honor.
Mariane Lenhardt, director of M.I.A Gallery
I just heard about Mia's death via mail in a notice about the art exhibit. I was a good friend of Mia's before she went to Seattle many years ago. We maintained minimal contact, so I only saw her once in her home environment. Wish I had had a chance to see her one more time. She was a good friend and a dear soul. May she rest in peace.

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