I love her. I first read about her a couple of years ago. To me, the question "is it art?" is nowhere near as interesting as the photos. Unevenness can be a virtue, and the thousands of glimpses she captured are far more interesting than yet another dude taking yet another set of nude pics. Those pics tell us nothing we don't already know; Maier's show us something new in every one.

I wonder if she even knew what she was up to. She must have! Did she know who Lee Friedlander was?
i saw the exhibit of her work in new york about a year or so ago. while i think you're right about some of it being uneven, her work and story is fascinating. definitely worth investigating.
In terms of sheer volume, Gary Winogrand also comes to mind.
I saw a Maier exhibit at the Chicago History Museum last month. She's the real deal. Yes, she knew her Friedlander, Winogrand, and Frank, but if she'd been known back in the day, we'd all be saying Friedlander, Winogrand, and Frank knew their Maier. Go.

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