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Always wins.
Daniel Smith
A&C and DS.
any bets on what kind of development will go into the Utrecht space on Pike? Does Utrecht/Blick own that building?
Yes to A&C. They are the best.
Thanks for asking! I heart (Dick) Blick! Lower cost supplies & nicer staff! Although I loved the store, Utrecht always had aloof, too-cool, hipster fucks working there whenever I went in.
A&S beats both of them. But for price and convenience, I usually go to Blick.
A&C, rather.
Office Depot.
artist & craftsman has cuter boys and leaves me without having to worry how i'm gonna pay rent.
Blick. Utrecht waa more of a 'we hav a lot of paint because we that's all art is' store. I can get all kinds of stuff at blick.
I'm very sad to see Utrecht sold off to their competitor. It means prices will be higher and quality will go down. Utrecht paints and their other branded art supplies are manufactured to very high standards. The value is much better than with any other paint company. Blick's profits (and growth) come from selling high-volume, high margin craft supplies. There is nothing wrong with craft supplies and appealing to a more general demographic, but Utrecht occupied its fine art niche nicely. I don't imagine that will continue.

As for whether Utrecht was 'snobby,' artists work at both places. Art supply customer service skills will always be all over the map. People who feel intimidated by their own lack of curiosity find 'snobs' everywhere they go.
My answer depends upon what I am looking for. I've been using Utrecht acrylic paints since I was a student. I do use Golden mediums now, but my preference for Utrect paints has not wavered (hopefully Blick is smart enough to not mess with that). Still, for just about everythinelse here in Chicago, I go to Blick unless it's a harder to find item.

Neither. Artist & Craftsman all da way to da top.
I agree with "Incredible". My experience at Blick is mostly not good. Their material is lower quality than Utrecht (frames, chipboard, linoleum, in my experience). Utrecht staff was more knowledgeable in the fine arts area, in my opinion. I can tell Blick is just trying to make a buck and have no real vision or heart in the art arena. So, yeah, maybe more crafty, and nothing wrong w/ that, but didn't have to take down Utrecht, who was better in the fine arts side.

I had a serious pet peeve w/ Blick: their computers are set up to randomly "forget" your reseller's license (instead of saving it as ANY OTHER place I know). They asked me to bring my reseller's license every time! I don't walk around w/ important documents. Staff reported they had unsuccessfully complained w/ upper management. Obviously, if other stores can save your info, they can too, right? I still don't understand what the get w/ this type of attitude.

I heard from artist friends who were boycotting Blick because it could have opened in Ballard, where so many artists are, but didn't -- maybe just to tak Utrecht down? That's really sad, if it's the case.

I guess now I will be going to Daniel Smith or A&C. Boycotting Blick won't be difficult.
I was told not to order from DICK BLICK, Ever Again! Hear is my story! I should of returned damaged items instead of calling them where they told me to keep the product and sent me a replacement, which also came damaged and did complain again about 13 NuPastel Sticks being broken! 8, 16" X 20" Ampersand Sandboards came damaged! I should of sent them back called the C.S. dept. I was told to keep them and they sent men replacements! But when they shipped the boards Dick Blicks Shipping Did not protect the corners of the boards! They claimed I returned too many items! I didn't they told me to keep the damaged products!
I work for Blick Art Materials and now Utrecht Art Supplies and I want to say you wont find a group of people trying harder to satisfy their customers. I realize you can not make everyone happy but Dick Blick (the founder of Blick Art Materials) would be proud of the way we always give 100%. I want to comment about our supplies. We carry everything from supplies for the aspiring little scribbling artist to professional art supplies made at superior quality for the established artist. Yes, we have craft supplies too. Please don't shrug off the crafty people because they are really creative too. I am just one little operator at Blick and Utrecht that gives 100%. Some of the comments do not correctly represent me or my coworkers. We are good people that work extremely hard and will do what it takes, to make it right, if a valued customer is not satisfied. If you want to miss out on that kind of service, that is absolutely your choice. Either way just enjoy creating beautiful things! :)
Have loved Utrecht, it's products and it's service for decades. Am very, very sad to see this transition. I hope Blick will retain Utrecht paints, etc, as is, and especially with no major changes to product formulations & artist friendly prices. Even tho both Blick & Utrecht sell art supplies, they each served different facets. I hate to see the end of an era. Let's hope another great art supply house hasn't just bit the dust.
I always shop Jerry's Artarama. Seems they are artist friendly, help artists, have the lowest prices and offer so much more. I always prefer, keep getting great discounts and quick shipping.
Lol at Sarah saying jerry's has thelowest prices. Just compare oil paint prices to blick and it's easy to see who REALLY has the lowest prices. Jerry's SPECIAL price is blick's everyday price. I wonder what how much lower prices would be if blick had SPECIAL prices.
I am so disappointed to find out that Utrecht and Dick Blick are using the same customer service and shipping departments. After many years with Dick Blick, I encountered horrible customer service by a supervisor named Christina today, and I'm waiting to hear back from her supervisor, Martha. I'm also waiting for a callback from the CEO, Bob Buchsbaum. This all stems from poor packaging of recent shipments that I've received, special instructions for which were ignored more than once. Needless to say, I won't be doing any further business with Dick Blick, which includes their other company, Utrecht. Appalling. Like mentioned above, won't be hard to boycott Dick Blick or Utrecht with all the competition they have out there.
Utrecht was going bankrupt so Blick swooped in and saved their company. Think about that!

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