Visual Art Jun 5, 2013 at 4:00 am

A Father-Daughter Discussion


Lovely. Can't wait to explore the Oracle once construction is completed.
So, they can build this but not a damn streetcar barn.
Isn't it funny with how people who receive a apparent higher education have more accessibility, responsibility and opportunity don't really achieve all that much while those that don't recieve a higher education actually do better, are more happy and are in fact the move successful people? Everybody knows about Bill Gates, however we were told in school to believe that it won't happen to us. That we can't succeed like that. That we can't be successful without a supposed higher education. Well, that ignorant is mass right there, now that's saying something. If you don't even know yourself, knowledge, skill and traits are useless just as a starter piece of wisdom which will undoubtedly be overlooked anyway but try to guess one thing that the Edmonton colleges focuses on. Edmonton's moving up into higher places boys and girls. Get ready!

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