What the fuck
Jen I don't agree with any of the hand wringing in your original article.

A couple of facts:

1) The guy is clearly an idiot.

2) The guy is promoting repugnant ideas.

3) Nothing he did was that great to begin with.

His place is with Ted Nugent and Ayn Rand. Not actual artists.
Somehow I keep reading it to the tune of this song...
What the fuck
Who is Charles Kraft?
"In an effort to keep the discourse respectful and on topic, commenting on this item is available only to registered commenters."

In other words, Krafft won't be able to comment. I assume one of our resident unregisterable nimrods is him, right?
Lord knows I hate Charles' work with the fury of a thousand suns, but this is appalling. Why even bother featuring it?
It's not even good parody. All he did was substitute a few keywords. Hiss boo.
I kind of want to convince Don't Talk To The Cops to cover this.
Ummm, it's because he's Black, right?
If it is not his work, it is a great representation of his bigotry--laced existence. If it is his work conversely, I would suggest he be locked in a cell with only a copy of Beloved to change his life.
@8 I know, right?!?
2, at least Nugent gave us "Stranglehold." the only thing from Krafft is... a bunch of broken pottery.
This version was "edited 37 minutes ago". Was the original even worse?
Putz and a half, this guy. Eesh.
Just when you thought it was the year 2013, someone goes and writes a "Coon Song"


Ah, say, ah, say, Mudede...why you 'always readin' them looonghaired books 'a yours?…
Maybe there will be a Mudede head teapot soon? With "Beacon Hill Library" instead of "Idaho" ?
Stay KKKlassy, Hero of the Aryan People.
I saw this on Krafft's Facebook page weeks ago, and not knowing the relationship between Krafft and Mudede, wondered if it was good-natured ribbing between friends. Guess not.
Weird Al Yankovic is not impressed.
I don't even.... what?!?!?!
Why would you even publish this - and if anyone at the Stranger were to publish this, shouldn't it have been Mudede himself so that he could respond to it in his own words?
Looking through his FB wall, it seems that Mr. Krafft is an aficionado of white American folk song and its English antecedents. But his taste is banal, predictable and shallow. I think this is his attempt not just at parody but at a larger artform he has no understanding of. It's funny how smart people can get trapped in this kind of feedback loop of mediocrity because of simple (if deliberate) shortsightedness, which gets reinforced until it becomes a worldview.

Krafft is bullshit. I've seen this kind of flirtation with right-wing ideas turn into this kind of bullshit many times before. Artists can be susceptible because it's common for them to work in a bubble anyways.

It's an irredeemable condition. He's not just a fraud, he's a goner. Dump him. Stop thinking about him.
Congratulations and condolences, Charles. Me and lots of my little don't-live-in-Seattle friends lurve your work. If you decide to write a public response to this racist, attention-seeking bullshit, I'll enjoy reading it.
Man, this guy is a class-A attention whore...

He reminds me of one of those old-school pinball machines that, if no one plays it for a while, starts beeping and squeaking and making all kinds of racket... "LOOKIT ME! LOOKIT MEEEE!"

What a tool. Makes me wish I'd bought some of his artwork so I could, oh I dunno, maybe poop in it and return it to him......
I'm curious what Mudede has to say about this, though I suspect he will just be the better man and wave this one off, letting it speak for itself.
"Art World Shocked To Discover Artist Who Produces Offensive Art Holds Offensive Views"

(No, it's not The Onion!)
Wow... I can't stand Mudede's writing, but this is fucking absurd.
Unless The Stranger can think of a reason that we would ever *not* want to "keep the discourse respectful and on topic", please leave unregistered comments off forever. Seriously
Lord knows I quite dislike Mudede's contributions to this blog - sometimes rather more than that - but he doesn't half seem to have a bunch of dumbass crude racist MFs among his antagonists. I wish they'd fnck off, so those of us who dislike his contributions to this blog for less disgusting reasons wouldn't be tarnished by the association.
What do people have against Mudede? Just don't read his parts if if gets you so worked up. Just to be clear, getting really mad at a newspaper or a blog is a warning sign that you may be a total dick.
"What do people have against Mudede?"

He's a Marxist and overall that's a very damaging ideology. About on the level with Krafft's insanity...
@33: not wanting to speak for Charles, but I think you misunderstand his Marxism. It's not an ideology, it's an analytical perspective.
@33, 34--Charles' position or viewpoint aside, as an ideology, Marxism is dated in many ways, yes. But it's in no way anywhere close to Nazism or its twisted younger brother White Nationalism. It's Marxist-Leninism, its giant deformed Leatherface-like heir Stalinism, and its twisted hunchback dwarf bastard love child Maoism that spawned so much evil (much of it on our part). Taken pure, Marxism is quaint. Cute, even. And informs important pillars of my own worldview.
desperation is unattractive
Yeah, I'd definitely unfriend him for that.

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