recommended Bellevue Arts Museum

510 Bellevue Way NE, Bellevue, 425-519-0770, Tues-Sun

Rick Araluce: The Minutes, the Hours, the Days: Araluce constructs teeny, tiny, immaculately detailed spaces that look to have been abandoned five minutes ago or five years ago. $10. Through Feb 2. A World of Paper, A World of Fashion: Life-sized paper outfits, costumes, and accessories from Belgian artist Isabelle de Borchgrave. $10. Through Feb 16. Telling Tales: Narrative Works by Nate Steigenga, Cappy Thompson, and Anna Torma: Steigenga uses bedsheets and pillow covers as a medium for conveying charmed scenes of myth and fantasy; Thompson's blown-glass urns depict Hindu gods with vibrant energy; and Torma's work is a collage of textiles, patchwork, and doodling embroidery. $10. Through Jan 19. Crafting a Continuum: Rethinking the Contemporary Craft Field: Sixty examples of ceramics, wood, fiber. A little scary sheep; a weird woven thing that definitely isn't a basket but isn't quite anything else; a cactus that may have been made out of old shirts; a human-shaped, human-sized thing that may have been made out of blue stripy socks. You know, crafts! $10. Jan 30 through April 27.

Burke Museum

NE 45th St and 17th Ave NE, 543-5590, Mon-Sun

Elwha: A River Reborn: This season's special exhibition at the Northwest's natural history museum is a look at the recent dam-removal project, and an overview of the people, history, and science of the now-freed Elwha River Valley. $10. Through March 9.

Chihuly Garden and Glass

305 Harrison St, Seattle Center, 753-4940, Mon-Sun

A promenade of rooms, an outdoor garden, and a café chronicling Dale Chihuly's series and packages over the years. $19.

recommended Experience Music Project

325 Fifth Ave N, 770-2700, Mon-Sun

Martin Schoeller: Close Up: Whether Schoeller is shooting celebrities or unknowns, he crops their faces tightly and gets so close it's almost uncomfortable. Often, their eyeballs shine. Here are 48 of his large portraits, previously seen in magazines and books. $15. Mon-Sun. Through Jan 31. Block by Block: Inventing Amazing Architecture: Lego versions of real, life-sized buildings like the Space Needle. $15-$20. Jan 25 through April 20.

recommended Frye Art Museum

704 Terry Ave, 622-9250, Tues-Sun

In keeping with the Frye's blending of contemporary with historical works, Seattle artist Jason Hirata comes into the galleries to present "new sculptural manifestations of his camera support modification videos installed in an optimized white environment." Free. Through Jan 5. Franz von Stuck: This is dark, dirty, strange Symbolism with Art Nouveau flourishes—we're talking Satan and hellfire and naked ladies and beautiful, swirling patterns. On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of his birth and the 120th anniversary of his American debut, Munich Secession cofounder Franz von Stuck—the painter of Sin—finally gets his due in his first monographic exhibition in the United States. Free. Through Feb 2. Isamu Noguchi and Qi Baishi: Beijing 1930: Here are drawings, ink paintings, and sculpture from two Japanese artists who simultaneously capture the traditional aesthetic of calligraphy and present essentially modern, dynamic forms. Free. Through May 25.

recommended Henry Art Gallery

4100 15th Ave NE, 543-2280, Wed-Sun

Camera Nipponica: Photographs from Japan, 1880–1930: This small exhibition includes a shelf of incredible, teeny, handcolored glass-lantern slides taken between 1880 and 1930 in Japan. They glow bright. $10 suggested. Through Jan 5. Sanctum: For this installation you don't even need to go indoors. Six surveillance cameras capture you as you walk by the museum. If you get within 12 feet (as you are warned by signs), you'll be profiled—sensors will scan the "landmarks" of your face, as the artists Juan Pampin and James Coupe describe them, and you'll appear on the video screens in the windows. Text taken from donated Facebook posts will appear beside your image. Free. Through Nov 30, 2015. David Hartt: Stray Light: The photographer David Hartt got inside the iconic 1971 headquarters of Johnson Publishing in Chicago—the launching pad for Jet and Ebony magazines—right before the building was sold. The photographs, pictures, and sculptures he created are deadpan memorial documents of a specific time of pride and purpose. $10 suggested. Through Jan 5. Sol Hashemi: Software Update/System Build: In Software Updates, Hashemi will make begin making a series of alterations to his recent work. When System Build rolls around, the artist will begin construction of a "custom modded personal computer designed to power a 3D laser scanner used to create new work." $10 suggested. Through Dec 8. The Photographs of Ray K. Metzker: A five-decade career charted. $10 suggested. Through Jan 5. Haegue Yang: Anachronistic Layers of Dispersion: South Korean-born artist Haegue Yang grew up in an environment where you closed the blinds when company came over, just in case the government was watching. Now, she makes installations entirely out of artfully arranged, dangling Venetian blinds. They're swaying constellations of pretty surveillance. $10 suggested. Through Jan 9. Jason Dodge's sculptures are stories. They are: what's left after 19 farm animals spend time in the galleries, pillows slept on only by ornithologists, pillows slept on only by acrobats, linens from a local hotel linen service changed weekly, and rolls of newsprint that will become actual pages of the Seattle Times during the run of the exhibition. $10 suggested. Through Jan 26. Katinka Bock: A and I: Bock's sculpture often takes the form of tiles laid out across a gallery floor. Other times, it's slabs, or pieces that look like detritus from a construction site. On rare occasions, television monitors will be employed. $10 suggested. Feb 2 through May 4.

recommended Museum of Glass

1801 Dock St, 253-284-4732, Wed-Sun

Links between Australian and Pacific Northwest glass. $12. Through Jan 19. Bohemian Boudoir is an entire exhibition of glass crystal perfume bottles and bedroom accessories hand-crafted in Czechoslovakia in the 1920s and '30s. $12. Opens Jan 15. Chihuly's Irish Cylinders: Nigh-on 40-year-old pieces from the glass guy evoke traditional Irish iconography as well as Joyce. $12. Ongoing. Coastal Alchemy: Anna Skibska and Associates highlights the work of the contemporary artist who makes rooms full of glass webs. $12. Opens Feb 2. Look! See? The Colors and Letters of Jen Elek and Jeremy Bert features two local masters in neon and glass. $12. Opens Feb 15.

Nordic Heritage Museum

3014 NW 67th St, 789-5707, Tues-Sun

Eino: 50 Years of Making Sculptures: The stone sculpture of celebrated Finn Eino Romppanen. $4-$6. Through Dec 7. Pull, Twist, Blow: Transforming the Kingdom of Glass: An exhibit of young and emerging Swedish glass artists. A glass face? Yes, it's possible. A glass coat hanger? Yes, my friend, the Swedes are making these glorious glass things. $6. Dec 13 through April 27.

Northwest African American Museum

2300 S Massachusetts St, 518-6000, Wed-Sun

Making and Breaking Patterns: Youth Art from the James and Janie Washington Foundation: Artwork from local high school students. Through Jan 6. Marita Dingus: Fashion Free-for-All: Northwest artist Marita Dingus improvises garments, drawing inspiration from French high fashion as well as traditional African textiles. $6. Through Jan 6. Pitch Black: African American Baseball in Washington State: An historical and cultural exhibition that includes film viewings, performances, and interactive family events. $6. Through March 1.

recommended Seattle Art Museum

1300 First Ave, 625-8900, Wed-Sun

Machu Picchu After Dark: A tower of large speakers, about 12 feet high, by Peruvian-born artist William Cordova, commissioned by the museum to coincide with the Peruvian exhibition. $10 suggested. Through Jan 19. Peru: Kingdoms of the Sun and Moon: The museum turns its focus southward to Peru this season, with a great big sparkling exhibition of rarely seen sculpture, painting, and textiles surveying 3,000 years of patrimony, from the Incas to the viceroys and the saints. $20. Wed-Sun. Through Jan 5. Permanent collections in African, Asian, Native American, early American, European, modernism, decorative arts, and contemporary arts. $15 suggested. Robert Davidson: Abstract Impulse: SAM and the National Museum of the American Indian in New York co-organized this first major U.S. exhibition of Haida artist Robert Davidson, who's been pivotal in Northwest Coast art since 1969, when he erected the first totem pole in his ancestral Massett village since the 1880s. $15 suggested. Through Feb 16. LaToya Ruby Frazier is the 2013 winner of Seattle Art Museum's Jacob Lawrence and Gwendolyn Knight Prize, given to black artists who've been working for less than 10 years. Frazier is from Braddock, Pennsylvania, a mining town that she's gone back to mine for her own highly personal yet broadly relevant photo and media work. It's been shown and praised at Brooklyn Museum and the New Museum, the New York Times describing it as "preternaturally mature...arresting black-and-white photographs that sometimes look like studio portraits or social documentaries but aren't fully at home in either category." $15 suggested. Dec 13 through Jun 22. Miró: The Experience of Seeing: SAM's big canonized-artist-art-exhibit this season is devoted to the Spanish modernist/surrealist Joan Miró and drawn from the collection of the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid, containing 48 drawings and paintings. $20. Feb 13 through May 25.

recommended Seattle Asian Art Museum

1400 E Prospect St, 654-3100, Wed-Sun

Liu Xiaodong grew up in a small industrial town in China that's been left behind in the same rapid urbanization that swept him up and out into Beijing and the international art world. In Hometown Boy, he goes back to portray the lost place in heartrending paintings and captioned sketches. A documentary film on the process plays in the gallery, too. It's a stark and moving little show. $7 suggested. Through Jun 29. A Fuller Version of China, Japan, and Korea: To celebrate SAM's 80th birthday, the museum has organized a definitive exhibition of its Asian masterpieces intended to detail the evolution of the collection, originated in the early part of the 20th century by Asian art scholar and collector Richard Fuller. $7 suggested. Through Jun 30. Inked: Wan Qingli is a small, charming exhibition by the ink painter who puts his brush in the service of visual puns and social satire. $7 suggested. Through Jun 29.

recommended Tacoma Art Museum

1701 Pacific Ave, Tacoma, 253-272-4258, Wed-Sun

Shimmering Tree: A Projection by Jennifer Steinkamp: In 2007, as part of a series of projections of shimmering trees produced in honor of her favorite teachers, Steinkamp created one for her mentor Mike Kelley. In 2012, Kelley was found dead of an apparent suicide. Now, Steinkamp's projection Mike Kelley will appear in TAM's largest, cathedral-like gallery. $10. Through April 20. Sitting for History: Exploring Self-Identity Through Portraiture: Portraits, portraits, portraits! All portraits, all the time. $10. Through Jan 12. The title Memories and Meditations: A Retrospective of Michael Kenna's Photography provides an indication of the serenity expected in Kenna's pristine visions. $10. Through March 24. Optic Nerve: The Art of Perception: Op art takes advantage of the short circuits in the brain to make still images shiver and dance. A group show. $10. Through April 20. Agnes Martin: The New York-Taos Connection: This traveling exhibition of work by the influential pure-abstractionist covers the period between 1947 and 1957, a decade she spent in Taos between periods in New York. Jan 25 through April 20. A Punch of Color: Fifty Years of Painting by Camille Patha: Spanning the length of the Northwest artist's career of experimentation in both figurative and abstract painting styles. $10. Feb 8 through May 28.

recommended Washington State History Museum

1911 Pacific Ave, Olympia, 253-798-5877, Wed-Sun

Cooper: Artifacts, FBI files, a mock-up of a 727, and other stuff concerning the Northwest's most enigmatic hijacker, D.B. Cooper, who overtook a plane in 1971, got the ransom money, then parachuted out and was never seen again. It's the only unsolved hijacking in American history. $9.50. Through Jan 5. David Douglas: Naturalist at Work: Botanical scientific illustrations of Northwest plant life created by Douglas during his travels around the Columbia River in the early 19th century. $9.50. Through Feb 23. Hands at Work: Photos by Summer Moon Scriver of hands doing all the things that hands do: pulling ropes, playing electric guitars, laying bricks, playing acoustic guitars. $9.50. Through May 4.

recommended Wing Luke Museum

719 S King St, 623-5124, Tues-Sun

#iconic: Power and Pop Culture takes a look at the representations of Asian Pacific Americans—or lack thereof—through figures from Amy Tan to Margaret Cho to Blue Scholars. $9.50. Through April 13. War Baby/Love Child: Mixed Race Asian American Art is a traveling exhibition of 19 artists across the spans of their careers—some famous, some not—working in traditional media as well as video, installation, and "other approaches," considering everything from US wars in Asia to transracial adoption and, more generally, the racialization of humans. $12.95. Through Jan 19. Asian Pacific Pioneers Across the Northwest: A historical exhibition that focuses on the challenges faced by some of the first Asian-Pacific people who settled in the PNW. $12.95. Dec 12 through Oct 14.

Gallery Openings

A/NT Gallery

2045 Westlake Ave, Wed-Sun

Color the Winter: Colorful works, in most senses of the word. Including a "spray paint abstract" work from Andrew Parry that looks like an extreme closeup of a tiger. Free. Reception Dec 7, 6 pm. Through Dec 28. Board of Directors Show: Works of all types, sizes, and media from past and present members of the board. Free. Reception Jan 4, 6 pm. Through Jan 26. Eros as a Life Force: A juried show dedicated to Western art's favorite little cherub. And a party on Valentine's Day, 7 pm. Free. Through Feb 23.

Aljoya Senior Apartments at Thornton Place

450 NE 100th St, Mon-Sun

Issei Artists: Three first-generation female Japanese artists show paintings. Free. Through Jan 1.

all city Coffee

1205 S Vale St, 764-7146, Mon-Sun

2013 Holiday Miniature Art Extravaganza: Small, affordable, gift-sized art pieces. Reception Dec 14, 6 pm. Through Jan 5. Brigid Blume: Paintings of mopeds. Reception Jan 11, 6 pm. Through Mar 7.

recommended ArtsWest

4711 California Ave SW, 938-0339, Thurs-Sat

Regeneration: A four-person show featuring mixed-media works, painting, and drawing. Nia Michaels's collages radiate out from old photographs like shrines. With Scott Mayberry, Elizabeth Reed Smith, and Laura Ahola-Young. Through Jan 4. Dee Dee Redux: Artworks by Deborah Faye Lawrence: A retrospective for an artist who has been working in Seattle for two decades. Her varnished collages buzz with color, pattern, text, and politics. Free. Reception Jan 18, 6 pm. Through Feb 22.

Bainbridge Arts and Crafts

151 Winslow Way E, 842-3132, Mon-Sun

Three Gentlemen of Northwest Art: Phillip Levine, Norman Lundin, and Gerard Tsutakawa: Levine makes figurative bronze sculptures. Lundin, a representational painter, is also showing work this season at Francine Seders Gallery. Gerard Tsutakawa is best known for the large bronze mitt he created for Safeco Field. A mitt with a hole in it is a pretty good metaphor for our baseball team. Probably an old joke. Free. Reception Jan 3, 6 pm. Through Feb 3. Caroline Cooley Browne: Tactile Tactics and Beautiful Bowls: Woven works in reeled silk. Free. Reception Feb 7. Through March 3.

recommended The Belltown Collective

2231 1st Ave, Mon-Sun

Interstitial Theatre's Juried Show: The three hardworking curators of this cavernous building temporarily devoted to new media have chosen a group of space-based pieces (read: not just videos on monitors) for a big group exhibition. Free. Through Dec 20.

Bherd Studios

312 N 85th St, 234-8348, Wed-Fri

Spectral Menagerie: Joe Vollan and Megan Shore: Paintings of the afterworld of the animal kingdom. Like the kind of afterworld where cats wearing tweed outfits dance around burning pentagrams. Free. Through Dec 20.

recommended Blindfold Gallery

1718 E Olive Way, Ste A, 328-5100, Wed-Sat

Sam King, Leanne Grimes, Chris Roberts: New works from three painters in varying degrees of abstraction. For instance, in a landscape by Roberts, the sky degrades pleasantly into ever-widening pixelated color swatches. King will speak at the gallery Sat Dec 14 at 3 pm. Free. Reception Dec 12, 6 pm. Through Jan 4. Poets and Painters: A show that was inspired by a Rothko excerpt. An excerpt from the excerpt: "it is the poet who provides the community of objectives in which the artist participates." Participating artists include Kimberly Trowbridge and Anne Petty. Free. Reception Jan 9, 6 pm. Through Feb 8. Magic: The Photographic Art of Paul Dahlquist and Almendra Sandoval: Two dozen black-and-white photographs of the nude form, presented as a dialogue between mentor (Dahlquist, who has been making photographs, especially portraits, in the Northwest for decades) and mentee. Free. Reception Feb 13, 6 pm. Through March 8.

recommended Bryan Ohno Gallery

519 S Main St, Tues-Sat

Holiday Group Show: Twinkle lights, pumpkin-spice lattes, cozy scarves, gallery group shows. Free. Dec 12 through Dec 28. Amanda Manitach: New Works brings the Seattle artist and writer into the gallery for a full solo show. She deserves the room, whether she'll fill it with drawings at the intersection of sex and death or videos at the intersection of performance and abstract sculpture—or both. Free. Reception Jan 16, 6 pm. Through March 1.

recommended CoCA Georgetown

5701 Sixth Ave S, Plaza Ste 258, 728-1980, Mon-Fri

Ceci N'est Pas une Pipe: Northwest Flameworking on the Brink of Legalization: A survey of flameworking, that stepchild of glass art, on the occasion of marijuana's coming-out party. Where else can you see a glass pipe shaped like a submachine gun? Free. Through Jan 10.

Columbia City Gallery

4864 Rainier Ave S, 760-9843, Wed-Sun

Glow: Gallery artists show ceramics, jewelry, monotype prints, and ink wash paintings. Free. Through Jan 12. The Big Little Show: The show is big, the actual pieces in the show are small. Free. Through Jan 12. Stomp: Forty-five teens and adults with disabilities created massive monoprints using their feet and wheelchairs. Free. Reception Jan 18, 5 pm. Through March 2.

recommended CORE

117 Prefontaine Place S, 467-4444, Wed-Sat

Holiday Show: A group exhibition. Free. Reception Dec 5, 6 pm. Through Dec 21. Earth Pearl Collective: Body image art from queer women of color. Free. Reception Jan 2, 6 pm. Through Jan 25. Michael Harrison, Kalindi Thompson: Reclaimed wood assemblage by Harrison, and bright paintings from Thompson featuring hexagons, sunflowers, and sad tree branches. Free. Reception Feb 6, 6 pm. Through Feb 22.

recommended Cornish College of the Arts

1000 Lenora St, Wed-Sat

Heather Hart: Oracular Rooftops: Mixed media and gallery work by the artist whose outdoor installation, The Western Oracle: We Will Tear the Roof Off the Mother, spent the summer embedded in a hillside at the Olympic Sculpture Park. Free. Through Dec 20. Russia Rising: Votes for Freedom: Thirty international artists created posters that call for democratic and human rights reforms in Russia. Free. Through Dec 20. Staff Exhibition: They're not just staff, they're also artists! Come see their stuff. Free. Through March 7. Robert Jones Retrospective: A look back at 50 years of painting. Free. Reception Jan 16, 5 pm. Through March 8.

recommended Davidson Galleries

313 Occidental Ave S, 624-1324, Tues-Sat

Wood Engravings Old and New: Compare and contrast. Free. Reception Dec 5, 6 pm. Through Feb 1. Mary Iverson and Dane Youngren: Progress and Sacrifice: Iverson's post-apocalyptic shipping container paintings from her "Sunk" exhibition, paired with large-scale ceramic work from Youngren. Free. Through Dec 28. Patti Warashina is acclaimed for a reason. The ceramic artist makes objects that are fearlessly strange, usually figures, but that don't look like anyone you've ever seen before. "Add a healthy dose of frank and biting humor to highly informed themes of human condition, feminism, political and social topics, and you have the masterful poignance of Warashina," the gallery describes. Free. Reception Jan 2, 6 pm. Through Feb 1. Wendy Orville: Inkgarden: This is the Seattle artist's first time showing her stark monotypes at the gallery. They're a tribute to "both the bleak and the beautiful" of the local landscape. Free. Reception Feb 6, 6 pm. Through March 1. Robert Marx: New paintings and drawings from the German-born Expressionist artist whose work recalls "Bosch, Grünewald, and Bruegel." Free. Reception Feb 6, 6 pm. Through March 1.


101 Prefontaine Pl S, 296-7580, Mon-Sun

Ellen Dicola's trippy Arborealis video of found Northern Lights images overlaid with footage of steam, alternating with Dakota Gearhart's Odes to Me, which involves a small singing fish with a large eyeball. Free. Through Feb 28. Matthew Hilger: A camera, pointed at the artist's mismatched shoes, tracks his path as he walks along painted lines in a parking lot. Free. Ongoing.

Echo Echo Gallery

8537 Greenwood Ave N, 633-1236, Fri

Annual Holiday Blockbuster: Affordable artwork, mostly paintings, from Xavier Lopez, Christopher J. Olson, Maxx, Ripley, and Alexandria Sandlin. Free. Reception Dec 13, 7 pm. Through Dec 31. A Night at the Movies: A group show dedicated to the theme of movie-poster creation, featuring the works of "luminaries of the Seattle Seapop Movement." Free. Reception Jan 10, 7 pm. Through Feb 5. Taking Stock: Six Visions of the Present: A show highlighting the works of six of the gallery's current members. Reception Feb 14, 7 pm. Through Feb 28.

Facérè Jewelry Art Gallery

1420 Fifth Ave, Suite #108, 624-6768, Mon-Sat

Holiday Show: Gems and stones on rings and earrings. Also there are lego earrings. Free. Reception Dec 4, 5 pm. Through Dec 31.

Fetherston Gallery

818 E Pike St, 322-9440, Wed-Sun

Iceland: Hvitt Dagar/White Days: Landscape photography. Free. Through Dec 13.

recommended Flatcolor Gallery

77 Main St, 390-6537, Wed-Sun

A solo exhibition by prominent Seattle street artist Pars kicks off Flatcolor's new location. Free. Reception Dec 5, 5 pm. Through Dec 22.

recommended Form/Space Atelier

407 First Ave, 349-2509, Wed-Sat

Sam Birchman: Large-scale oil paintings. Don't miss the one with a fat man, sitting on a telephone pole with what appears to be a baguette thrust into, and drawing blood from, the heaping fat rolls of his bare back. Free. Reception Dec 13, 6 pm. Through Jan 4. Feminist Eclat: Work by a range of feminists, including paintings by Playboy Playmate/writer Juliette Fretté. Free. Jan 10 through March 8.

recommended Francine Seders Gallery

6701 Greenwood Ave N, 782-0355, Tues-Sun

Hear ye, hear ye: This is 80-year-old Francine Seders's final show in her Phinney Ridge gallery, which has hosted great art and Sunday-afternoon openings for decades. Don't miss your last chance to meet the legendary Frenchwoman in person; she'll still be working remotely, but no longer will she just be available at her desk inside the old Seattle home adapted into her gallery. Farewell and thank you, Francine Seders Gallery. Dale Lindman, Norman Lundin: Lindman provides the viewer with bars of colors and patterns to contemplate. Lundin's latest landscapes are set on dreary, overcast evenings when the sky occupies most of the view. Free. Reception Dec 8, 2 pm. Through Dec 24. Diann Knezovich: New work by the artist who alters photographs of architecture, pulling you in to inspect. Free. Dec 6 through Dec 22.

recommended G. Gibson Gallery

300 S Washington St, 587-4033, Wed-Sat

Barrow Cabins: Eirik Johnson's (Sawdust Mountain) photographic essay on remote Alaskan hunting cabins built by the native Iñupiat. See page 21. Also on display: new drawings by the evocative place-portraitist Mark Thompson, whose black-and-white landscapes from a couple of years ago pulled our hearts halfway out. Free. Reception Thurs Dec 5, 6 pm. Through Jan 11.

Cable Griffith: Soft and skillful painting by the Seattle artist and director of Cornish College's gallery program. His work evokes the rounded utopian qualities of platformer SNES-era video games. Free. Reception Feb 6, 6 pm. Through March 1.

recommended Gage Academy of Art

1501 10th Ave E, 526-2787, Mon-Sun

Chandler Woodfin: Dirty River: The artist uses bleeding watercolors to convey a sense of sickness and disharmony in her depictions of natural flora and waterways. Free. Through Jan 1. //SIGHTLINES: Five outstanding Seattle artists—Thuy-Van Vu, Iole Alessandrini, (Stranger Genius Award winner) Rodrigo Valenzuela, Whiting Tennis, and Allyce Wood—respond to the recent BUSTER SIMPSON // SURVEYOR exhibition at the Frye. Free. Through Jan 10.

Gallery 110

110 Third Ave S, 624-9336, Wed-Sun

White: A group show of metaphorical and literal interpretations of the color. Free. Reception Dec 5, 6 pm. Through Dec 28. Members Exhibition: A showcase of work from the gallery's members. Free. Reception Jan 2, 6 pm. Through Jan 25. Illusion: Digitally rendered images that capture a retro CG aesthetic. Free. Jan 2, 6 pm. Through Jan 25. 4th Annual Juried Exhibition: SAM's modern and contemporary curator Catharina Manchanda is juror. Free. Reception Feb 8, 6 pm. Through March 1.

recommended Gallery4Culture

101 Prefontaine Pl S, 296-7580, Mon-Fri

Laura Castellanos: Borrowed Tribe: The artist whose graphically bold work in painting has appeared across the city goes 3D with a large exhibition of handmade dolls. Free. Reception Dec 5, 6 pm. Through Dec 24. Ronald Hall: Skillful and socially aware paintings that visualize the weight and the anxieties of African American history. Free. Reception Jan 2, 6 pm. Through Jan 30. Mark Kang-O'Higgins: The Gage Academy figurative painting teacher shows his portraits, here blurred, here precise, calibrated at exactly the right moments to capture the sharp emotion of his subjects. Free. Reception Feb 6, 6 pm. Through Feb 27.

recommended Greg Kucera Gallery

212 Third Ave S, 624-0770, Tues-Sat

Miles Cleveland Goodwin: Dreary, macabre paintings of bleak winter scenes and from Gregory Blackstock, encyclopedic drawn renditions of sheet music and corresponding illustrations from this autistic artistic savant. Free. Reception Dec 5, 6-8 pm. Through Dec 21. Claude Zervas: New drawings by the Seattle artist, made by a painting machine adapted from a frame-shop cutting machine. Landscapes? Local microorganisms? Carved-wood bears? Those have all been Zervas's subjects before. Free. Reception Jan 3, 6 pm. Through Feb 15. Sale of Francine Seders Gallery Inventory Collection: The Francine Seders Gallery is closing, after decades of exhibitions, and the pieces remaining in the collection will be on sale here. Free. Reception Jan 3, 6 pm. Through Feb 15. Darren Waterston: Paintings and Works on Paper: Ethereal works that focus on interpreting and reinterpreting foggy shapes and forms, as the artist prepares for an exhibition based on Whistler's Peacock Room, an elaborate installation (Google it!) based in Washington, D.C. Free. Feb 20 through March 29.

recommended Grover/Thurston Gallery

319 Third Ave S, 223-0816, Tues-Sat

Fay Jones: New paintings by the beloved longtime Seattle artist, this time inspired by the films of great French director Jean Renoir. Free. Through Dec 21.

Haddon Hall

1919 Third Ave, Mon-Sun

ShopSeattle: A pop-up boutique featuring men's and women's clothing, artwork, gifts and furniture made by Northwest artists and designers. Free. Through Dec 26.

Jack Straw New Media

4261 Roosevelt Way NE, 634-0919, Mon-Fri

Srivani Jade and Annette Solyst: Art to Art: Mixed-media works by Solyst, and the Indian raga music they inspired Jade to compose. Free. Reception Dec 5, 7 pm. Through Jan 17.


Art Building, University of Washington, 634-0919, Wed-Sat

UW MFA First Year Exhibitions: MFA hopefuls in the first showing of their graduate careers. Free. Reception Jan 14, 4 pm. Wed-Sat. Through Jan 31. Juried Show: With submissions open to all students in the UW's School of Art. Free. Reception Feb 11, 4 pm. Through Feb 28.

recommended James Harris Gallery

604 Second Ave, 903-6220, Thurs-Sat

SML: A photography, sculpture, and painting group show co-curated with Julie Alexander (one of the participating artists) about how form generates art. Artists include: Claire Cowie, Nicholas Nyland, Serrah Russell, Francis Celentano, Stranger Genius Award winner Wynne Greenwood, and Colleen Hayward. Free. Reception Dec 5, 6 pm. Through Jan 4. Gary Hill: The widely lauded Seattle-based new media virtuoso. Free. Reception Jan 16, 8 pm. Through March 29.

Kirkland Arts Center

620 Market St, 425-822-7161, Tues-Sat

Gone to the Dogs: One million artists who like dogs do a thing. Free. Through Jan 11.

Krab Jab Studio

5628 Airport Way S, Suite 246, 715-8593, Tues-Thurs

Chamber of Wonders: A group show that takes its inspiration from the 18th-century "wonder cabinet" phenomenon. Collections, relics, doo-dads. Free. Reception Dec 14, 6 pm. Through Jan 2. Quoth the Raven: Nevermore, nevermore. A corvid-themed group show. Free. Reception Jan 11, 6 pm. Through Jan 30. Faerie II: "A collection of work from many of the contemporary faerie artists worldwide." Free. Feb 8, 6 pm. Through Feb 27.

Lisa Harris Gallery

1922 Pike Pl, 443-3315, Mon-Sun

Lois Silver: Vividly colored paintings of human interaction. Two people on a rowboat, a woman and her dog walking through a hotel lobby, people being waited on at a nice restaurant. Free. Reception Dec 5, 6 pm. Through Dec 29. Ed Kamuda, Dion Zwirner: From Kamuda come hypersimplified paintings depicting the great outdoors and old buildings, sometimes making forays into pure abstraction, with rustic hues and aesthetics liberally employed. Free. Reception Jan 4, 4 pm. Through Feb 2. Peter de Lory: Black-and-white landscape photography of the American West. Free. Feb 2 through March 3.

LTD. Art Gallery

307 E Pike St, Tues-Sun

Picture's Worth a Thousand Words: A group show of art inspired by the characters and landscapes of literature. Free. Through Dec 7. Episode III: Star Wars: For the third year in a row, LTD. brings holiday cheer to this galaxy far far away with a Star Wars art show. Free. Reception Dec 12, 6 pm. Through Jan 31. CATZ!: The gallery's description says it all: "I love cats, you love cats, we all love cats (except those who are dead inside)." Free. Reception Feb 1, 6 pm. Through Feb 23.

recommended LxWxH

6007 12th Ave S, Sat

Cristin Ford: Planar Visions: Folded-paper sculptures that evoke topography using a gradient of tones and the geometry of interlocking creases. Free. Reception Dec 14, 6 pm. Through Jan 4. Graham Downing: Photo-documentation of paintings Downing has made and secretly hung in office environments. Free. Reception Jan 11, 6 pm. Through Feb 1. Jess Rees: Volumetric: Gouache paintings that depict the plain boxiness of city blocks and interpret other architectural spaces, too. Free. Reception Feb 8, 6 pm. Through March 1.

Martin-Zambito Fine Art

721 E Pike St, 726-9509

Overlooked historical regional artists. Free. Ongoing.

recommended MARTYR SAUCE

122 S Washington St, 624-0495, Mon-Sat

Elizabeth Lopez: Paintings and photography from an artist who's interested in the effects that sensory overload has on viewers. Free. Dec 5 through Jan 1.

recommended MIA Gallery

1203A 2nd Ave, 467-4927, Tues-Sat

Sofie Knijff: Translations: How should a fine artist picture a child? Knijff takes formally posed photographic portraits of children all over the world, offering her own answers. The children live in South Africa, India, Mali, and Brazil, among other places. Free. Tues-Sat. Through Dec 14.

Northwest Woodworkers' Gallery

2111 1st Ave, 625-0542, Tues-Sun

34th Annual Box Show: So many different kinds of boxes. Free. Tues-Sun. Through Dec 31. Helga Winter: So imagine you tore all the pages out of a book, rolled each one into a tube, and stacked all the tubes on their sides so they looked like a pile of hollow logs. And then you painted them pretty colors! Winter did this in many, many different designs. Free. Through Jan 1.

Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs

700 5th Ave, Mon-Fri

Becoming a Public Artist: A show that charts the process of creating public artwork. On display are blueprints, original proposals, miniature models, etc. Through Dec 27.

recommended Patricia Cameron Gallery

234 Dexter Ave N, 343-9647, Mon-Fri

Tatiana Garmendia: The Garden of Joys: Intimate, delicate, and erotic mixed media drawings in two- and three-dimensional forms. Free. Through Dec 20.

recommended Photographic Center Northwest

900 12th Ave, 720-7222, Mon-Sun

Our Lives... Fleeting Timelines: A curated show of the past works of PCNW students. Through Dec 31. Holly Andres: The Homecoming: Tableaux photography that portrays an eerie, heightened suburban reality. Free. Through Dec 15. Andy Mattern: Absent Vessel: Photographic images of crushed polystyrene cups, created not with the use of a camera, but with a different imaging contrivance that yields infinitely more unusual results: pressing the subject directly against the photographic paper while in a dark room. Sort of like a ghostly cross between an X-ray and a Xerox copy. Free. Through Dec 20. Question Bridge: Black Males: This nationally touring trans-media exhibition/discussion between black men about black male identity was created by the artists Hank Willis Thomas, Chris Johnson, Beyeté Ross Smith, and Kamal Sinclair. An original complementary exhibition, curated by Seattle's Maikoiyo Alley-Barnes, with Michelle Dunn Marsh and Ann Palleson of PCNW, is called Seen: An Exploration of the Inside and the Out, the Then and the Now, by the (Still) Invisible Men. Free. Jan 3 through March 8.

Plasteel Frames Gallery

3300 1st Ave S Suite 400

Preparing Icarus: Works by Christopher Martinez-Luna, including a chubby child illustrated in pencil with an actual feathered wing extending out of the frame. Free. Mon-Fri. Through Dec 31.

recommended Platform Gallery

114 Third Ave S, 323-2808, Wed-Sat

Correlate: Eric Eley, Debra Baxter, and Adam Ekberg, correlating. Eley works in installations that highlight the curvature of line through space, sometimes recalling the fragmented wire-sculpture aesthetic of a 3D graphing engine. Ekberg's photography is perhaps more cheerful, or at least more likely to include a pineapple or teacup. Baxter works wild wonders with crystals and mirrors. Free. Reception Dec 5, 6 pm. Through Dec 14. Dark Entries: New paintings and collage by Robert Yoder and Michelle Kloehn, whose creations can be dark in literal and figurative senses. Free. Reception Jan 2, 6 pm. Through Feb 1. Mountain: In which soft beauty radiates from new photo light-boxes from Stephen Hilyard. Free. Reception Feb 6, 6 pm. Through March 22.

Pottery Northwest

226 First Ave N, 285-4421, Tues-Fri

Holiday Show: Free. Through Dec 23. Kristin Schimik: Juncture: New sculpture inspired by the Sri Yantra, one of those geometrical creations that holds the secrets of existence. Free. Jan 10 through Jan 31. Virginia Jenkins: Farewell Show: Ceramics with decidedly unorthodox surfaces. Free. Jan 8 through Feb 28.

recommended Prographica

3419 E Denny Way, 322-3851, Wed-Sat

Third Annual Figurative Invitational: A group show in various 2D mediums focusing on interpretation of the human form. Faces too. Figures and faces. Free. Dec 7 through Jan 11. The Still Life: Ah, yes. The still life. Bowls, fruit. Skulls. There are only a few things in this busy world that remain motionless, and when artists find them, they paint them. Brian Blackham and Jordan Wolfson present their oils. Free. Jan 18 through Feb 15.

recommended Prole Drift

523 South Main St, Fri-Sun

Pretty Litter: Simple, vacation-colored, almost-tropical detritus with a sorry future. These acrylics on paper by Seattle artist JD Banke are accompanied by a story that begins "There's a town where all the homes are mobile homes..." Presented by SEASON. Free. Reception Dec 5, 6 pm. Through Dec 28.

recommended Punch Gallery

119 Prefontaine Pl S, 621-1945, Thurs-Sat

International Juried Exhibition: Almost two thousands submissions from around the world culled and organized by TAM curator Rock Hushka into a sensible, exhibitable, multimedia mass of art. Don't miss it. Free. Reception Dec 5, 5 pm. Through Dec 21. Natalie Schmidt Dotzauer: Romanced: An exhibition of paper Afghan blankets is the Thorp-based artist's way of evoking what she calls "porch life." Free. Reception Jan 2, 5 pm. Through Jan 30. Bill Finger: Icarus: A show that combines miniature diorama sculpture and photography to examine the subject of space exploration (!). Free. Reception Feb 7, 5 pm. Through March 1.

recommended Rare Medium

1321 E Pine, 913-7538, Wed-Sun

Krysta Sa: Cancer Mouth: A jumbo-sized photo essay capturing travels from Ohio to Yakima. Not so much rolling landscapes as pictures of drunk people making out. Free. Reception Dec 12, 6 pm. Through Jan 4. Natalie Friedman: Begin, End, Repeat: Photography of women that examines agency when it's pitted against external forces. Free. Reception Jan 9, 6 pm. Through March 7.

recommended Roq La Rue

532 1st Ave S, 374-8977, Wed-Sat

John Brophy: Breaking the Spell: Proof that creating contemporary icons based in the symbols of "15th-century Flemish primitive art" can result in paintings of faces surrounded by butterflies. Free. Wed-Sat. Through Jan 4. Femke Hiemstra: "Darkly fantastical" illustrations from the artist's book The Timid Cabbage. Free. Reception Dec 5, 6 pm. Through Jan 4. Unpredictable Gravity: Inspired by his wife's struggle and survival, Robbie Lowery, a contributor to art blog Arrested Motion, wanted to put together a fundraising show. This great big exhibition runs two months, includes two-and-a-half-dozen artists from all over, and fully half of all proceeds will be donated to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, Seattle Children's Hospital, and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Free. Jan 9 through March 1.

SAM Gallery

Seattle Art Museum, 1300 First Ave, 343-1101, Wed-Sun

Hybrid: Three- or four-tone pop hybrids from Seattle artist Troy Gua. Oh look, it's Lady Gaga with a Dali mustache! Free. Reception Dec 12, 6 pm. Through Jan 21.

recommended SEASON

1222 NE Ravenna Blvd, 679-0706

Dawn Cerny: Boys, Jokes and Things: Small, largely nonrepresentational multimedia sculptures by the always-fascinating Seattle-based artist. Free. Through Dec 29.

Seattle art REsource

625 First Ave Ste 200, 838-2695, Tues-Sat

Greg Kucera and Larry Yocom venture into affordable resales from local collectors, with an ever-changing lineup of works. Free.

recommended Seattle City Hall

600 4th Avenue, Mon-Fri

A Sense of Place II: Following up on the group show at IDEA Odyssey in the International District, here's the next iteration exploring ideas of home, belonging, cultural identity, and regionalism, curated by Juan Alonso. Free. Through Jan 3.


306 S Washington St, Ste 105, 679-8915, Fri-Sat

Pam Galvani, Lee Withington: Withington exhibits new paintings and 3D abstract works. Galvani, a printmaker and lettering artist, focuses on the way meaning is created in unusual contexts. Free. Opening reception Sun Dec 5, 5-8 pm. Through Dec 31. Here and There: A bunch of works received in an exchange with Gallery 25 in Fresno, California. Free. Reception Jan 2, 5 pm. Jan 1 through Jan 31.

Sisko Gallery

3126 Elliott Ave, 283-2998

Charles Emerson: Vaguely representational of landscapes. Free. Fri-Sun. Through Dec 31.

recommended SOIL

112 Third Ave S, 264-8061, Thurs-Sun

Import/Export: New works from two Scottish-born artists, Pete Fleming and Ross Hamilton Frew, dwell in the realm of pure geometric form. Free. Reception Dec 5, 6 pm. Through Dec 28. Julie Alexander: Free. Reception Dec 5, 6 pm. Through Dec 28. A Place for Memories and Secrets: Drawing, painting, and sculpture. Free. Reception Jan 2, 6 pm. Through Feb 1. New Members Show: Introducing five of the gallery's new members, including Glaswegian Pete Fleming. Free. Reception Feb 6, 6 pm. Through March 1.

recommended Stream Real Estate

605 15th Ave E

Lamps Meninas: Always wry Seattle artist Jenny Zwick this time offers an interpretation of Velazquez's classic painting Las Meninas using entirely light fixtures for the characters. Free. Through Dec 31.

recommended Suyama Space

2324 Second Ave, 256-0809, Mon-Fri

Drawn from the Olympics: Installation by Stephen Nguyen and Wade Kavanaugh: Nguyen and Kavanaugh wrestle and twist sheets of paper into fully-immersive gallery installations. Free. Vision Machines: Installations by Tivon Rice: A network of cameras, screens, and lighting installations transforms the gallery into a hi-tech immersive space. Rice is a Fulbright winner and PhD. candidate in UW's DXARTS program. Free. Reception Jan 17, 7 pm. Through April 11.

recommended Taste

1300 First Ave, 903-5291

Junko Yamamoto, Olivia Britt: Drawings and oils from these two deserving Northwest artists are displayed in Seattle Art Museum's cafe. Free. Wed-Sun. Through Feb 9.


7513 Greenwood Ave N, Tues-Sun

Animal Kingdom: A group show featuring funky pictures of all your favorite animals, especially in the work of Jesse Link, in a career he began while serving in Iraq and continued while helping rebuild New Orleans after the hurricane. Free. Through Dec 10. Holiday Showcase: Ten artists show off their quirky pop-gothic acrylics. Free. Reception Dec 13, 6 pm. Through Jan 31.

Threshold Gallery at Mithun

Alaskan Way #200, 623-3344

Eric Nation: Sculptural yet functional furniture as well as purely sculptural sculpture. Free. Mon-Fri. Through Dec 24.

recommended Twilight Gallery

4306 SW Alaska St, Wed-Sun

Holiday Miniature Art Extravaganza: Forty artists and jewelers have created pieces and things that are small. Free. Through Jan 6.

University House at Wallingford

4400 Stone Way N, 447-1181

Turning Point: A group show that "explores that catalytic moment of change." An artist talk is scheduled for Nov 19. Free. Through Feb 8.

recommended Vermillion

1508 11th Ave, 709-9797, Tues-Sun

The Laurelton: No Place Like Home: Generations of artists pay tribute to the Capitol Hill apartment complex that has housed soooooo many artists over the years. Dec 19 will be a night of performances. Free. Dec 12 through Jan 6. Dylan Neuwirth: Forever: Thirty neon cursive blow-ups of Tweets. Free. Jan 9 through Feb 8. Touch Me: I Am Violent: A group show curated by Yonnas Getahun featuring Siolo Thompson, Greg Lundgren, Maikoiyo Alley-Barnes, Ellen Dicola, and Jennifer Zwick. Free. Feb 13 through March 8.

Washington State Convention & Trade Center

800 Convention Pl, 2nd Floor, 694-5000

Palimpsests II: A group of Shift Gallery artists curated by Liz Patterson. Free. Through Jan 8.

recommended Winston Wachter Fine Art

203 Dexter Ave N, 652-5855, Mon-Sat

Tracy Rocca, Christopher Boffoli: Rocca's super-blurry airbrushish paintings occasionally evoke out-of-focus landscapes, but more often are completely nonrepresentational color studies. Boffoli's photography depicts the tiniest of tiny people walking around on pieces of food. Free. Through Dec 20. Piper O'Neill: Marking Time: Macabre illustrations on tissue paper. Unhappy little girls, spiderwebs, and arteries. Free. Reception Wed Jan 8, 6-8 pm. Through Feb 27. Robin Layton: Capturing Energy: Large-scale photography. Fog, waves, clouds. Blurry stuff. Free. Reception Jan 8, 6 pm. Through Feb 27. Jessica Craig-Martin: High-contrast photos of glamourous ladies at parties. Free. Reception Feb 25, 6 pm. Through April 1. Ann Gardner: Silvery, gold, and bronze colored non-representational sculpture or patterned prints on paper. Free. Reception Feb 25, 6 pm. Through April 1.

Woodside/Braseth Gallery

2101 Ninth Ave #102, 622-7243, Tues-Sat

Group Exhibition: Including but not limited to art from Kathleen G. Adkison, Jacob Lawrence, and George Tsutakawa. Free. Opening reception Thurs Dec 5, 6-8 pm. Tues-Sat. Through Dec 28. Jared Rue: Landscapes that focus on the leaves and branches that hang into their frames. Free. Reception Jan 9, 5:30 pm. Through Feb 15. Victoria Adams: New Works: The radiance of the natural world painted with such a soft beauty as to lull the viewer into a state of suspended animation. Free. Reception Feb 20, 5:30 pm. Through March 18.


407 Dexter Ave N, 264-8200, Thurs, Sat

9 from L.A.: This winter, it's L.A. in Seattle at the Wright Space. Virginia Wright, in conjunction with the Getty Conservation Institute, has brought together works by postwar L.A. artists including Larry Bell, Ed Ruscha, Robert Irwin, John McCracken, Peter Alexander, and De Wain Valentine. Highlighted is Valentine's Gray Column, which is exactly what it claims to be: 12 feet tall and 8 feet wide of grey polyester resin.



This year's honoree is the remarkable installation artist Ann Hamilton, and the decór will reflect her aesthetic.

Henry Art Gallery, 4100 15th Ave NE, 543-2280. $500. Sat Feb 8 at 6 pm-midnight.


Wygant, a senior lecturer in the UW's interdisciplinary Comparative History of Ideas department, gives a lecture called Empire of Masquerade: Crazy for "Mad" King Ludwig.

Frye Art Museum, 704 Terry Ave, 622-9250. Free. Thurs Dec 5 at 6:30 pm.


A lecture from the artist whose black-and-white aerial photography has documented mining sites in the American Southwest.

Photographic Center Northwest, 900 12th Ave, 720-7222. Free. Thurs Jan 23 at 6:30 pm.


With a three-hour soundtrack selected by your meticulous and bizarre host, Jed Dunkerley.

Canoe Social Club, 417 E Loretta Pl. $5-$10. Every other Mon.


A discussion on the subject of Lust, Performance, and the Artist's Gaze, from Anna Delacroix, Joanne della Penta, and Kathy Weissbourd, who are all psychoanalysts. Juicy.

Frye Art Museum, 704 Terry Ave, 622-9250. Free. Sun Dec 8 at 2 pm.

recommended HAEGUE YANG

Exhibiting artist Yang will speak.

Henry Art Gallery, 4100 15th Ave NE, 543-2280. $10 suggested. Thurs Feb 6 at 7 pm.

recommended KATINKA BOCK

Exhibiting artist Bock gives a talk.

Henry Art Gallery, 4100 15th Ave NE, 543-2280. $10 suggested. Thurs Jan 30 at 7 pm.


The curator at the Museum Villa Stuck—the Munich museum completely dedicated to the work of Franz von Stuck—gives a lecture called In the Temple of the Self: The Artist's Residence as a Total Work of Art—Europe and America 1800-1948.

Frye Art Museum, 704 Terry Ave, 622-9250. Free. Thurs Jan 30 at 6:30 pm.

recommended MARY ANN PETERS

Peters, a founder of CoCA and Neddy Award winner, participates in a discussion.

Cornish College of the Arts, 1000 Lenora St. Free. Mon Feb 10, 12-1 pm.


A special, midnight-till-dawn art ritual, in association with Earth Pearl Collective. Guests must RSVP to attend.

CORE, 117 Prefontaine Place S, 467-4444. Free. Sat Jan 11, midnight.


Come see what everyone's been so busy working on in there, as the artists fling open their doors, jovially beckoning in all wandering art viewers.

Inscape, 815 Airport Way S. Free. Sun Dec 8, 12-6 pm.


This open studio features affordable handmade gifts for the holidays: letterpress stuff, jewelry, linens, tintypes, little paintings and print and more. With live opera and installation.

'57 Biscayne, 110 Cherry Street. Free. Thurs Dec 5, 6-9 pm, and Sat Dec 7, noon-6 pm.


A sparkling reopening party for the gallery that used to be up the block but is now nestled in SAM's gift shop. Some people say they wish it hadn't moved. What do you think?

SAM Gallery, Seattle Art Museum, 1300 First Ave, 343-1101. Free. Thurs Dec 12 at 5 pm.


Bids on works by local artists will be accepted in person, over the phone, or via email.

Columbia City Gallery, 4864 Rainier Ave S, 760-9843. Free. Jan 15-26.


An immersive, performative piece by Nat Evans and John Teske that involves digital projections as well as actual human improvised performance. Inspired by the Aurora Borealis.

Interstitial Theater, 2231 First Ave. Free. Nov 22 at 6 pm and Dec 6 at 8 pm.


Affiliate professor in UW's drama department talks about the plays of Strindberg and the paintings of Stuck, currently on display at the Frye. Cross-disciplinarytimes.

Frye Art Museum, 704 Terry Ave, 622-9250. Free. Thurs Jan 16 at 6:30 pm.


In this one-night-only showing, Yadesa Bojia shows his work and talks about his experiences using art to raise money for childhood education in Ethiopia.

M. Rosetta Hunter Art Gallery (Seattle Central Community College), 1701 Broadway, #2BE2116, 344-4379. Free. Thurs Dec 12, 5-9 pm.

Monthly Art Walks

Pioneer Square, first Thurs 5–8 pm; Fremont, first Fri 6–9 pm; Capitol Hill, second Thurs 5–8 pm; West Seattle, second Thurs 6–9 pm; PhinneyWood, second Fri 6–9 pm; Belltown, second Fri 6–9 pm; Ballard, second Sat 6–9 pm; Georgetown, second Sat 6–9 pm; U-District, third Fri 6–9 pm.