I have a 2007 MacBookPro to donate if R can accept anything so ancient.
It's called 'insurance', douche. Oh, and don't hang out in shitty third world countries.
Valenzuela should advise ALL his contacts not to randomly send money because the request could be from a scammer, not him. Please adjust the article content accordingly.

From Scamwatch: You receive an email from someone you know, such as a work colleague or contact claiming they have been robbed whilst attending a work conference overseas.…


"Friend/relative-in-need scam"
Another reported scam involves phone calls, SMS messages or emails to relatives and friends in Australia sometimes from bogus hospitals or doctors overseas claiming that an Australian traveller has been injured and money is required to be sent for medical treatment. Your relatives and friends in Australia should make sure that the contact is genuine as this is a common method of extorting money. Treat any requests for money from overseas with caution. Check the story through a web search or call the organisation back but only through a publicly advertised number such as yellow pages or other reputable directories. Do not use the contact details the potential scammer has sent you or the organisation's contact details given by the person requesting the information.
It's him. Not that you ought to believe a comment on the slog, even from a registered user.
I have connections to Costa Rica if he needs a place to stay (near Tamarindo). Getting back into the US through customs may prove to be difficult as well.
Thank you for posting.
Brendan Aleson lost his mac book too.
Zane hettinga lost his clothing, computer and iphone.
Anastasia Hill her Mac book pro and Iphone

I will make a better video to promote Maria TV as soon I get back to Seattle and I hope whiting tennis is not loosing hope.
Thank Stranger!
Rodrigo Valenzuela
Hi friends,

Donate today to Rodrigo Valenzuela Indiegogo campagn!

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