I regret that I named my gallery what I did, because people always think we sell wood.

Jonathan Wood, art dealer, Abmeyer + Wood

I let Brad name our kitten Ed. Should have named him Hugo.

Esther Luttikhuizen, curator, Gallery4Culture

I regret that I didn't finish my giant black tower in the summer. You tell everyone you're doing this amazing piece about violence, and then you have to wait until the weather's better to finish it.

Alan Fulle, artist

My regret is not having a bigger space. At the Contemporary African Art Fair in London, my biggest piece was a 7.5-foot photograph by Maïmouna Guerresi. It sold before I even put it on the wall! I could never show that in my small space.

Mariane Lenhardt, art dealer, M.I.A Gallery

Sleeping in too often. It's terrible. Like, it's really, really bad. It's gone way beyond self-care.

Britta Johnson, artist

Not valuing a good night's sleep.

Eirik Johnson, artist

1. I regret the first person singular.

2. I regret market thinking.

3. I regret my tendency to mutter.

4. I regret adaptive estrangement.

5. I regret gated community.

Robert Mittenthal, writer, Autonomous University

I regret catching a person who was fainting. He caught my knee and tore my cartilage.

Nola Avienne, artist

Not bonding with my son properly.

Scott Mayberry, artist

I regret not doing a revenge painting on Odd Nerdrum yet. I was a pupil of his, and he made me sleep outside for a week. I got sick.

Wyatt Landis, artist

I regret not having bought mothballs earlier, to protect our knitted work.

Howard Barlow, artist

I really regret not taking a class in time management.

C. Davida Ingram, artist and educator

I wish I hadn't apologized so much.

Pam Galvani, artist

I regret not having visited Israel.

Hanita Schwartz, artist and curator, Andramalusya

If I Mae: cracking a few laws when I should have broken them!

Keeara Rhoades, artist

I regret not dropping my motorcycle once. After you drop your motorcycle, you get real. Colors are brighter. The grass is greener. Also, eating a 2.5-pound bag of pumpkin seeds. It's a fucking cathedral of glass coming out.

Elizabeth Lopez, artist

Voting for Nader in 2000 was my greatest regret in 2013.

Jason Gouliard, artist

I regret not realizing I'm not an artist and just me. I would have had those erotic dinners with FOXXY. I would have drawn Finn and Jake with Bowie. Most of all, I would have taken those postponed, silent, starlit walks in the low fog. Not a device in sight, inhaling those selfsame stars excised from cold veins of light in the blink of an eye, seeing something for the first time. Free from the tyranny of memory. Alive.

Dylan Neuwirth, artist

I regret missing the 70 mm print of 2001 at Cinerama last fall (slowly pushing the thick black glasses up the bridge of my nose).

Tivon Rice, artist

I regret not calling my beloved during the two months we were estranged. I muted my light, my muse.

Paul Kuniholm Pauper, artist

I regret that people continue to confuse "respect" with "political correctness." I regret that I didn't clue in to my privilege before this year. I regret that America still hasn't ratified the Equal Rights Amendment. I regret not being louder about discrimination and feminism. I regret every missed opportunity to be emotionally generous, especially the times it cost me nothing but I misunderstood or was simply unaware. I regret not being a better ally.

Joey Veltkamp, artist

1. I regret that I didn't do more.

2. I regret that I didn't do less.

3. I regret that I wasted time not doing what I intend to do.

4. I regret that I didn't tie down that truckload of goose down feathers better before getting on the highway.

5. I regret not doing that portrait better. It could have been better. It should have been better.

Ruthie V., artist

My biggest regret is not cherishing every moment of the past year—really the past 20 years. So much time dwelling on fears. All the endless plane flights frozen in fear, family time wasted fearing some disease, and just worrying about dying, which I've done so much of since my mom passed away. I think it's the fear of losing something as precious as this awesome life that I saw her lose.

Annie Marie Musselman, artist

I didn't wear enough short shorts.

Julia Greenway, curator, Interstitial Theatre recommended